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Where did the summer go? With the start of a new year, I’ve gathered back-to-school resources from our amazing PD team and staff here at TCEA. Check out this categorized list full of ideas to create a successful school year.




  • The New Tool Belt for Superintendents
    Superintendents in all sizes of school districts need to find tools to offer increased value without breaking the bank. Technology can help.
  • Back to School Ideas for Leaders
    With a little effort and some creativity, you can provide a memorable “welcome back to school” message for your staff, teachers, or students!

In the Library


  • Prepping for a STEM/STEAM Year
    STEM/STEAM activities are a powerful way to engage students. Here are a few resources to help you prepare for a stem-rific school year.
  • Back to School with STEM
    STEM activities are a powerful way to engage students. Here are a few resources to kick off your school year in the STEM direction.
  • We Have to Save Fred!
    Always a favorite, The Save Fred Challenge is great for team building. Plus, check out extension ideas to create a perfect day of learning.
  • Solo Cup Engineering Challenge
    The Solo Cup Engineering Challenge is perfect for team-building. Students and adults love this activity for fun and learning.
  • Starting a Robotics Program
    Running a robotics program can be a challenge, especially at the start. But fear not; we’re exploring everything that goes into a successful program.

Social Emotional Learning


  • Email Writing for Students
    In today’s digital world, teaching your students the art of writing an email is a must. This blog has lesson ideas, videos, and resources to help.



Ideas to Try


  • Ten Ideas for Tech Coaches to Help Their Teachers Grow
    Explore creative and fun ways for tech coaches to encourage teachers in their growth with technology integration. Ready, set, ed tech!
  • Conference for Educational Coaches
    Sign up for the Conference for Educational Coaches (CEC) to discover the latest in professional development, best practices for coaching, and even more ideas for supporting educators. Attend in person in Austin, Texas from October 12-13, 2022, or online.

I hope these strategies, activities, templates, and more get the brain flowing with ideas to create a successful start. Have a wonderful 2022-2023 school year!

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