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The New K-5 Social Studies TEKS and Free, Editable Spreadsheets

by Emily Horn
The new K-5 social studies TEKS will be implemented in August of 2024. Here are spreadsheets with the TEKS and coordinating "I Can" statements.

Today we’ve got more editable TEKS for you— the new K-5 Social Studies TEKS! Do you have a set of TEKS you’d like to see published? I’m working my way through the K-12 content areas. Leave a comment or send me an email at ehorn@tcea.org, and I’ll add them to my running list. Today, we’ll be exploring the revised Social Studies TEKS that will go into effect on August 1, 2024. Here we go!

What Are the TEKS?

In short, the TEKS are the curricular standards adopted by the Texas State Board of Education. These standards outline what students should know and be able to do in each content area for each grade level. State-mandated tests are aligned with these standards to measure student achievement and skills acquisition.

About the K-5 Social Studies TEKS

The new K-5 Social Studies TEKS were adopted in 2022 and take effect at the start of the upcoming 2024 school year. The introduction for the Social Studies TEKS is similar to that of the 2018 TEKS. Let’s take a look at the main points.

  1. The first section of the introduction outlines the focus of study for each grade level. To support teaching, a variety of rich materials and resources, including those from museums and historical sites, are encouraged.
  2. There is a focus on integrating the social studies TEKS with other disciplines and critical thinking skills to facilitate deeper understanding.
  3. Additionally, the eight strands are clearly outlined for grades K-12:
    • Strand 1: History
    • Strand 2: Geography
    • Strand 3: Economics
    • Strand 4: Government
    • Strand 5: Citizenship
    • Strand 6: Culture
    • Strand 7: Science, technology, and society
    • Strand 8: Social studies skills
  4. The curriculum across grades K-12 builds a foundation in various social studies disciplines and skills, emphasizing the importance of patriotism and functioning in a free enterprise society.
  5. “Free enterprise society” may also be referred to as capitalism or the free market system within the curriculum.
  6. There is an emphasis on helping students understand the values of our state and nation and the nature of a constitutional republic as a representative government.
  7. Additionally, it outlines that discussions about U.S. citizens’ and governments’ actions in achieving the ideals of the founding documents are part of the curriculum.
  8. There is also mention of Celebrate Freedom Week requirements specific to each grade level.
  9. Within the standards, “such as” is used to illustrate examples, whereas “including” alludes to content that must be mastered.

Helpful TEKS Documents

K-5 Social Studies TEKS Freebies from TCEA

Now it’s time for the editable freebies! Below are spreadsheets for the grades K-5 Social Studies TEKS. Each spreadsheet contains one tab with the TEKS and a second tab with “I can” statements. I hope you find these useful and that they save you a little time.

K-5 social studies TEKS spreadsheets

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Joey Vaughan April 14, 2024 - 8:11 pm

These are awesome! Do you have them available for the new Tech Apps TEKS?
Thank you!

Emily Horn April 15, 2024 - 9:51 am

Hey Joey! They are on my list. I’m working my way through them!

Joyce Bachert May 14, 2024 - 11:59 am

Do you have any of these for 6th – 12th science & social studies or 9-12 math & ELA?

Emily Horn May 14, 2024 - 12:03 pm

Hi Joyce! Not yet, but these are on our list!


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