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Icebreaker Games for Staff: Summer Staff Bingo

by Diana Benner

Incorporating icebreaker games, such as summer bingo, for your staff can be a valuable practice. Bingo is a popular game, and I remember playing it often with my family when I was younger. However, what if I told you it’s more than just a fun activity to do with your family? It could be used to unite and strengthen your school staff.

Why Icebreakers Games Are Invaluable

Building Connections

Icebreaker games help create a positive and inclusive work environment by fostering connections among staff members. When employees engage in fun activities together, it breaks down barriers and encourages social interaction. In addition, it helps staff get to know each other on another level. In turn, icebreaker games for staff strengthen relationships and promote teamwork among staff members.

Enhancing Communication

Icebreaker games for staff promote open communication and dialogue among staff members. By participating in these games, staff have opportunities to share information about themselves, their interests, and their experiences. This can lead to increased understanding and empathy within the team. It creates a more open and supportive communication environment.

Improving School Culture

Icebreaker games can boost school culture and can contribute to higher levels of staff morale and engagement. When employees feel connected and comfortable with their colleagues, they are more likely to enjoy their work environment and feel a sense of belonging. This can lead to increased job satisfaction, motivation, and overall productivity.

Facilitating Collaboration

You can also help break down barriers within an organization by creating icebreaker games for staff. When employees from different departments or roles come together for a fun and collaborative activity, it encourages cross-functional communication and collaboration. This can lead to improved teamwork.

Summer Bingo Game

Image of a bingo card for a Staff Summer Bingo Game

To help you plan your perfect summer bingo game, we’ve put together a list of tips to help the game run smoothly. We’ve also included sample bingo game that will help you get started. 

1. Come up with bingo statements.

The first step to organizing a bingo game is deciding on your bingo statements. For the summer, you can come up with fun statements for your team about summer activities. For example:

  • Went to the beach
  • Took a road trip
  • Watched a movie
  • Enjoyed time with the family‍

2. Build your board.

A typical bingo board consists of 24 statements and one free space. Once you’ve come up with your statements, you’ll need to build your board. You can easily create your board in Google Docs or Microsoft Word by creating a table with five rows and five columns. Fill each box with a statement while leaving the center box free.

In addition, there are many online sites that have bingo templates. For example, I used Canva to create my bingo board. Other bingo generator examples include My Free Bingo Cards and Bingo Baker.

3. Share the board and set game rules.

Once your bingo board is built, you are ready to share it with your staff. Be sure to include game rules! For example, is it a regular bingo game or a blackout? How will they submit proof of their completed bingo activities? Is there a time limit or deadline for completing the game? How will you keep all staff updated on the status of the bingo game?

4. Include a prize for the winners.

Prizes are always a great incentive for bingo games because it makes people eager to participate and compete. So consider what prize you are going to give your bingo winners. It doesn’t have to be anything expensive. It could be a lottery ticket, a gift card, lunch delivery, a t-shirt, or a coffee mug. In addition, it could be a prize for when school resumes, like a free jean day.

Overall, incorporating icebreaker games, such as bingo, for staff can be an effective strategy to create a positive work environment and support the overall well-being and engagement of your team.

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