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Prepping for a STEM/STEAM YEAR

by Peggy Reimers

In just nine years, the calendar year will be 2030! What will the job market look like for today’s students? Listed below are the top jobs in 2030.

  1. Software Engineer
  2. Automated & Robot System Repair
  3. Augmented Reality and Virtual World Creator
  4. Autonomous and Electrical Car Engineer
  5. Green Power Creator
  6. Technology Tutor and Trainer
  7. Drone Technician
  8. Space Exploration
  9. Future Farmer
  10. 3D Printing Engineer
  11. Data Manager
  12. Senior Wellness Manager
  13.  Streamcaster
  14. Biotech Engineer
  15. Science Ethicist/Technology Advocate
  16. Chronocurrency Broker
  17. Digital Enforcer
  18. A.I. Trainer and Technician
  19. Climate Analyst and Weather Moderator

Source: https://www.idtech.com/blog/futuristic-stem-jobs-and-career-list-for-students

Those nineteen jobs are a mix of Science – Technology – Engineering – Mathematics. The best way to prepare our students for the future is to make sure they have a strong foundation in STEM and future-ready skills. Teachers need to embed the following skills into their daily curriculum: creativity and innovation, critical thinking, and problem solving. Communication and collaboration are also essential. Read on for tips to make your STEM action plan. 

STEM/STEAM Action Plan

I asked Kathy Sleeper, STEM Lab teacher at Bullard Elementary School, the following question: What do teachers need to know in order to prepare for a STEAM-centered year? Here are the ten essential questions you need to answer: 

  1. How many students will I serve? 
  2. What type of setting will I have available?
  3. What is the purpose or the focus of the lab?
    1. TEKS-driven
    2. Tied to the curriculum
    3. A creative area with a work-on-your-own feel
    4. Exploration of new technology
    5. Follow the Engineering Design process
  4. How will I store supplies?
  5. How will the management of materials work?
    1. Easy access to students
    2. The teacher sets out equipment
  6. How will I secure funding for materials?
    1. Donations by parents, churches, etc.
    2. Dollar Store or Target dollar area
    3. Garage sales
    4. PTA or school funds
  7. How will students receive directions?
    1. Sit on a rug to get the information
    2. Station or center instructional cards
    3. Videos
    4. Student helpers
  8. If my setting is centers or stations, how will I address?
    1. How many students at each station
    2. How will students rotate in and out of stations
    3. Length of rotations
    4. Clean up
  9. How will failures be handled? (Take into account students will have a hard time switching between “mistakes are counted against you” to “mistakes are ways to learn, redesign and try again.”)
  10. Where and when will I keep tools charged?

Back to School STEM/STEAM Resources


How to be an Inventor by Kid President  – By Soul Pancake (4:59)  Kid President visits GE Aviation and shares his own inspiration to finish his own project. He wants to help his cat come to terms with a vacuum cleaner. 

11 Kid Inventors Break Down Their Greatest Inventions – By the New Yorker (11:30) Students between the ages of six and twelve tell their invention story. Each kid offers advice at the 2017 National Invention Convention on solving real-world problems. Inventions include: Blackberry Picker, Storibot, and the ChemotheraPop.

Boy gets Prosthetic Hand Made by 3-D Printer – By CBS Evening News (2:55) The story of a father, Paul McCarthy, began searching for an inexpensive yet functional prosthetic hand for his son Leon, who was born without fingers on one of his hands. McCarthy came across a video online with detailed instruction on how to use a 3-D printer to make a prosthetic hand for his son. This is a great story that intertwines STEM and collaboration across the world. 

Whatever your STEM/STEAM program shapes up to be, always remember to build habits of mind:

  • Persevere
  • Be not afraid of failing – treat every failure as another opportunity to learn
  • Encourage creativity
  • Debrief and reflect on every activity

Featured image designed by TCEA Staff.

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