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Canva Templates for Librarians

by Sara Qualls
April is School Library Month and April 7-13 is National Library Week! Celebrate with Canva Templates for the library.

It’s time to break out the confetti and strike up the band because it’s National Library Week, April 7-13! Let’s give a round of applause to those magical havens where every shelf holds adventures and where imagination knows no bounds: school libraries. But libraries wouldn’t be the community hubs they are if it weren’t for librarians! Let’s celebrate with a curated list of Canva templates specifically for librarians. But first, let’s take a look at some important dates.

Important Library Dates

School Library Month kicks off every April, thanks to the American Association of School Librarians (AASL). They’re the ones who decided to shine a spotlight on our fantastic school librarians and libraries all across the country in 1985. The idea? Well, it’s all about getting everyone in the school and community pumped to understand how libraries are essential to learning and education.

  • School Library Month: April
  • School Librarian Day: April 4
  • National Library Week: April 7-13 (second full week in April)
  • Right to Read Day: April 8
  • National Library Workers Day: April 9
  • National Library Outreach Day: April 10
  • Take Action for Libraries Day: April 11

Canva Templates for Librarians

I’ve curated a collection of Canva templates tailored specifically for librarians. From eye-catching event posters to activities that can be done in your own library, these templates have customizable elements and vibrant visuals. The purpose of these templates is to empower librarians to showcase the magic of their libraries and inspire a new generation of readers. Don’t forget qualifying educators get a Canva Pro account for free! Just another reason to love Canva. 

Reminders and Events

Create reminders that teachers can pick up to hang in their classrooms or around the school.

Library Day Reminder

Book Fair Poster

Family Library Night

Learning Posters

Create posters that teach students about genres or library processes. 

Types of Literary Genres

Genres Mindmap

Dewey Decimal System

Processes and Expectations

Create posters that teach students about your expectations for the library. 

Library Rules

Meeting Room Rules

Library Expectations


Decorate and motivate your students in the library with motivational posters.

Dream Big and Create Your Own Story

Introverts Quotes

Reading Quote

Library Signage 

Create signage that directs students. 

Genre Signage

Return Books Here

School Library Welcomes You


Advocate for your library by spreading the word about everything you do! 

Elementary Library Newsletter

Library Menu Board

Classroom Newsletter


Canva’s templates make crafting exciting library activities like scavenger hunts, word searches, and more straightforward. 

Genre Scavenger Hunt

Design a Book Cover

Digital Citizenship

Many librarians are tasked with teaching digital citizenship to students. Canva has you covered.

Digital Citizenship Responsible Use Presentation

Five Tips to Identify Fake News

Digital Footprint Digital Citizenship Lesson 


Create printables like bookmarks to give to your students. Add their name, your school motto, or mascot to personalize it.

Libraries Are a Treasure Bookmark

Keep Reading Bookmark

Every Chapter Is a New Adventure Bookmark

Random Canva Librarian Finds

Search for Library Templates in Canva

Try clicking on the search terms below and begin to explore on your own:

Let’s continue celebrating the magic of libraries and fostering a love for learning and reading in every student, one template at a time.

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