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Our 2020 Google Resource Roundup

by Diana Benner

Every year, I gather all the fabulous Google resources from our blog. This year, we have had so many amazing posts on topics ranging from Google Meet to Google Classroom. Check out this incredible list of Google blog posts from this past year categorized by topic/tool.



Chrome Tablets






  • Declutter Your Inbox the Easy Way – Is your email inbox a mess, filled with emails you really don’t want? Fear not. We have four useful methods to declutter your inbox.
  • Gmail Tips and Tricks – Gmail is more powerful than you realize. Learning how to filter emails and create an event within an email saves time. If efficiency is your aim, read this!





Various Google Topics and Tools



In addition, don’t forget to check out the 2019 Google Resource Roundup, 2018 Google Resource Roundup, 2017 Google Resource Roundup, and the 2016 Google Resource Roundup for even more phenomenal Google blog posts. As we move into 2021, stay tuned for more fabulous posts by joining our email list to ensure the latest content gets delivered right to your inbox and you never miss any of these wonderful resources.

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