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2023 Google Resource Roundup

by Diana Benner
2023 Google Resource Roundup

Every year, I gather all the fabulous Google resources from our TechNotes blog and put them all in one place for you. This year, we’ve had some amazing posts on everything from Google’s new AI tools to Google experiments. Check out this incredible list of Google articles from 2023 categorized by topic/tool.

Google Add-Ons

You Can Do That with Autocrat blog detailing the Autocrat add-on as a Google resource.


Blog outlining three tools to use with Sheets to help write formulas.



Blog article outlining how to teach students to use Google Calendar.


Google Docs

12 Google Docs Features to Try blog article

Google Drive


10 Google Experiments to Explore


8 More Google Sheets Tips

Various Google Topics and Tools

Article outlining how to organize and clean up your Drive.

In addition, don’t forget to check out our Google resource roundups from previous years. Happy New Year, everyone!

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