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10 Google Experiments to Explore (August 2023) 

by Sara Qualls

Time for another riveting edition of “going down the rabbit hole” featuring Google Experiments! Per usual, it’s a random collection of finds that I thought you might enjoy. So, jump right in with me and delve into the depths of 10 more Google Experiments to try out.


Ready to amp up the excitement of ping pong to a whole new level? Enter Konterball. Picture this: You step into a virtual world where you can face off against a worthy opponent or take on the ultimate challenge of the virtual wall. With VR technology, you’ll be right there on the table, feeling every exhilarating serve, smash, and spin. Get your game face on and prepare to dominate the ping-pong arena.


Lantern explores real-world projections and their use in the Internet of Things (IoT). It envisions a future where projections display ambient information and relevant user interface (UI) on everyday objects. With Lantern, you can point it at a clock to see your appointments or point it at a speaker to view the currently playing song. The projections fade away when no longer needed, unlike a screen. Lantern is created using a standard lamp, Raspberry Pi 3, a laser projector, and Android Things. It is open and customizable, allowing you to build your own using their provided kit list and instructions.

Quick, Draw!

An oldie, but a goodie that many do not know about. Here’s a game where machine learning will try to guess what you are drawing. It was built with the same tech that allows Google Translate to recognize your handwriting.

Jump into an augmented reality adventure with AR Insects in Google Search! Using just your mobile phone, you can bring 23 amazing AR insects to life and watch them roam in your very own space. Prepare to be amazed as these virtual creatures come to life right before your eyes.


A gif showing Google Experiment: Playground

Playground is an experimental online platform where writers can utilize machine-learning power to generate ideas for character development. By providing a character’s name and description, writers can explore text fragments about their appearance and personality or engage in a Q&A-like exchange with their character. Discover the limitless potential of Playground for enhancing your writing practice.


Step into the vibrant world of AI-generated dough, where the challenge awaits to uncover numerous cultural landmarks. Test your knowledge and observation skills as you guess the hidden monuments concealed within this colorful realm. From architectural marvels to iconic structures, immerse yourself in this whimsical journey where imagination meets cultural heritage. Explore the dough-covered landscapes and embrace the thrill of discovering these remarkable landmarks. How many can you unveil?

Little Signals

Little Signals pioneers innovative ways to integrate technology into our lives. With six objects employing subtle sensorial cues, they gracefully capture our attention while preserving tranquility. These discreet signals effortlessly keep us informed, enhancing our experiences with finesse.

Word Synth

Gif showing google experiment word synth

Unleash your creativity with this engaging experiment that seamlessly blends speech and music. Simply type in your desired words and set them to your own personalized melody. Embark on a musical journey as you effortlessly tweak the melody using your mouse or keyboard, while also exploring a variety of voices, scales, and other exciting options. Dive into a world where words and melodies converge, allowing you to craft a unique and captivating audio experience.


Gif showing google experiment xyz-toy

Put your detective skills to the test as you decipher the hidden word within the mesmerizing typography crafted by Google AI. Each tile holds a letter, unveiling visual hints that lead you toward the winning word. Explore the intricate details and carefully analyze the clues embedded in the typography to uncover the elusive answer. Sharpen your perception and embrace the challenge of unraveling this linguistic enigma. Can you successfully guess the hidden word concealed within this captivating puzzle?

Blow Bubbles

Experience the whimsical world of Blow Bubbles, a Google Experiment that invites you to embark on a delightful journey of bubble-blowing with individuals from across the globe. Yes, bubble-blowing. Engage in this enchanting interactive experience, where you can virtually create and share bubbles with people worldwide. Immerse yourself in the joy of connecting with others through a simple yet magical act, transcending borders and fostering a sense of unity. Unleash your imagination and join this global community as you collectively create a beautiful symphony of floating bubbles.

Help Test Google’s Latest Experiments

So many Google Experiments, so little time! You can help with that, though. Be a part of the test team and help in the early stages. Google releases new projects in Labs often so make sure you get on their waitlist if it’s something you are interested in. Projects range from Google Search to Google Workspace so bookmark their page of latest experiments to get in on the action.

Thanks for joining me on another adventure through the world of Google Experiments. Until next time!

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