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10 Google Experiments to Explore 

by Sara Qualls

Discover a world of boundless creativity and innovation! Thousands of extraordinary experiments have been created by brilliant coders using Chrome, Android, AI, AR, and beyond for over a decade. Prepare yourself to be captivated by these creative and out-of-the-box Google experiments.

1. Dance Tonite

Get ready to be swept off your feet with “Dance Tonite,” an immersive VR collaboration between LCD Soundsystem and their devoted fans, featuring their latest track, “Tonite.” Brace yourself for an enthralling experience as you navigate through an array of rooms, each showcasing fan-created dance performances. Witness the remarkable power of collective artistry come to life in this virtual reality journey. Ready to join the dance party?

2. Access Mars

Picture this: August 5, 2012—a momentous day when the Curiosity rover landed on Mars, captivating the entire world. Since then, it has been tirelessly beaming back more than 200,000 awe-inspiring photographs from the surface of the red planet. But hold on, there’s more! Thanks to an incredible collaboration between JPL engineers and Google Creative Lab, you can now embark on an extraordinary adventure in this breathtaking web experience where the rover’s photographs come to life in a mesmerizing 3D model. Get ready to be blown away!

3. Puzzle Party

Screenshot of Google Experiment Puzzle Party

Puzzles are one of my favorite activities. I always have a puzzle out on my table and at TCEA headquarters. I use it for a brain break at home and in the office. Puzzle Party allows you to choose from three difficulty levels and has an impressive selection of over 500 artworks, including iconic pieces like Andy Warhol’s Flowers and Amy Sherald’s portrait of Michelle Obama. There’s something for everyone! And guess what? It allows you to work on the puzzle solo or with family and friends no matter where they are.

4. FreddieMeter

Know how people absolutely love singing along with Freddie Mercury? If you’re one of those people, here’s an awesome AI-powered experiment that is a singing challenge that analyzes your timbre, pitch, and melody to see just how closely you match Freddie’s incredible vocals. The best part? Your audio stays private because there’s no need to upload it to any servers for analysis. So go ahead and belt it out and let’s see if you’ve got that Freddie magic in your voice!

5. Odd One Out

Screenshot of Google Experiment Odd One Out

Sharpen your art expertise and dive into an exciting challenge that will put your eyes to the test. Can you find the elusive imposters cleverly hidden amidst genuine masterpieces? This fun Google Experiment combines art appreciation with the thrill of discovery. 

6. Between The Lines

Step into the realm of Between the Lines, a collaboration with the Emerging Writers Festival. Created as a plot tool builder, it will seamlessly bridge the gap between two sentences. For instance, you could write the beginning of the plot and the end of the plot only. It will generate a story you might have never imagined! Plus, you can keep adding plot points until you’re satisfied with the end result.

7. Envelope

If you feel like you spend too much time on your phone, give Envelope a try. This Google Experiment simplifies your phone to basic calling functions, while the other turns it into a screenless camera, letting you focus on the present moment. Inspired by the trend of people purchasing a second simpler phone to use over holidays and weekends to limit technology use, the goal was to give people an opportunity to try a day without a phone without having to buy a second phone. Ready to disconnect and rediscover the world beyond the screen?

8. Keyboard

Screenshot of Google Experiment Keyboard

Keyboard introduces a minimalist musical keyboard that embraces unconventional inputs. Engage in a musical experience by playing the keyboard using your face, body, mouse, or traditional keys. Unlock the power of creative expression as you explore unique ways to interact with this innovative musical interface.

9. BTS x Street Galleries

BTS Google Arts screenshot

BTS fans unite! Immerse yourself in a unique blend of art and music as BTS, the influential pop icons of the 21st century, invite you to discover 14 iconic locations through their curated artworks. From bustling streets to hidden gems, embark on a journey where each artwork tells a story. Join BTS in bringing art to the streets and experience a one-of-a-kind artistic exploration like no other.

10. How New York Are You?

Just like Texans love their state so do New Yorkers. Check out this voice-controlled browser game that pits two players against each other in a thrilling competition to claim the title of the ultimate New Yorker. Harness the power of your voice as you navigate through challenges and trivia, testing your knowledge and authenticity. Dive into the charm of the city that never sleeps and strive to prove your true New Yorker status in this exhilarating virtual showdown.

Create Your Own Google Experiment

Did you know you can submit your own Google Experiment? It’s true! Here is what they are looking for:

  • Projects that redefine the limits of coding possibilities. 
  • Projects that possess distinctive visual aesthetics. 
  • Ready to inspire other coders? Why not open-source your experiment or parts of it?
  • Any incredible innovation you’ve got stored up your sleeve. 

You can learn more about it here

We’ve reached the end of our incredible adventure through the world of Google Experiments. When you’re done exploring this whirlwind of creativity and innovation, I’d love to hear which particular project kept your attention the most.

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