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Five Seesaw Holiday Activities Your Students Will Love

by Miguel Guhlin

Need some holiday activities for your students? Explore these Seesaw Activities that you can grab and assign over the holidays. Your students will love these. What’s more, you can customize this Google Slides infographic for your own use. Let’s see how in this blog entry.

View the Seesaw Activities

You can start exploring the Seesaw Activities right away. To interact with the digital Seesaw Christmas tree, click on the ornaments in the interactive version of the tree online.

Get the Infographic

This is a fun infographic that took about two hours to put together (Did I mention I flunked art in kindergarten?). You can get it and start using it freely. It’s modeled after VectorStock’s infographic, but I’ve made a few changes to the original design. Simply make a copy of the infographic using the steps provided below.

You may also find this tutorial on how to make copies of Google documents, including Slides and Docs, handy.

Note: Due to the volume of feedback, emails requesting edit rights to the original infographic will be deleted. Learn more about infographics and how to get them online.

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This blog was updated on July 26, 2021.


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