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Fun with a Holiday Fliphunt

by Dr. Bruce Ellis

Add some fun to your holiday season and learning by completing this holiday fliphunt. You’ll find a variety of options so you can start with any of the tasks. All you need is the Flip app on a phone or tablet and enter the code fa530c13. Or, if you are using a Chromebook or laptop, then you can point your browser to https://flip.com/fa530c13. Enter the guest password TCEAGuest if you do not want to log in with your Microsoft or Google credentials. Since this fliphunt is open to the world, don’t share your first and last name when recording. Instead, make up a holiday name or use a different fake name to protect your identity. To make it easier, consider printing out the holiday fliphunt tasks sheet.

What Is a Fliphunt?

A fliphunt is a fun way for students (and adults) to share their learning, interact with content, or just get to know each other better. Participants refer to a task list that is provided with the specific fliphunt that gives a variety of activities to record. Younger students and “newbies” to Flipgrid may find it easiest to work in pairs as they collaborate with other pairs to complete the tasks. Unless otherwise noted, you can start with any task on the sheet. You can find out more information about fliphunts by reading other blog posts I’ve written on the topic.

There’s Even a Reward!

Complete all the tasks on the holiday fliphunt this month and I’ll email you a special certificate recognizing your accomplishment! To receive your certificate, complete the following:

  1. Use your fake name which should appear as the Display Name (if not, edit the display name to be your fake name).
  2. Use the hashtagged task title (#tradition, #song, #worldgift, etc.) as the Title. (see the graphic below for an example)
  3. After you complete and submit all seven tasks, Send Me an Email to let me know. Tell me the fake name you used so I can verify your submissions and your real name for the certificate. I’ll email you a PDF certificate to recognize your accomplishment!
Video submission screenshot

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