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Online Timers for the Classroom

by Peggy Reimers
online timer

Looking for an online timer? Below are six great ones to check out. Listed below you will find the basic features for each option, as well as my opinion on the best feature (+) and a drawback (-) for each timer. Hopefully, one of these will fit the need you are looking for when it comes to a timer you can use in your physical or virtual classroom. 

Classroom Screen showing calendar, dice, and several other widgets.
Screenshot by author.


  • Website
  • Free
  • The timer has a digital display, graphical countdown presence, and a choice of ten musical sounds.
  • This online tool has a dashboard where you can display 14 different widgets to support your class activities and keep classroom tools organized.
    • You can draw or have text boxes in the workspace. 
    • Other widgets include a clock, roll dice, or have three lists to draw random names, calendar, etc.
    • Choice of colorful photos, animations, or solid backgrounds
  • Upgrade: Pro at $30 per year, or volume discounts for schools

+ So much more available than just a timer 

– If you are looking for a simple timer – not your best option

Timer Tab's timer
Screenshot by author.


  • Website
  • Free
  • This online timer has a countdown, alarm clock, and stopwatch with a pause.
  • There is a vertical banner ad on the left side of the screen.
  • Four different themes available
  • Attached to the Timer-Tab is a Christmas Countdown and World Clock.
  • Remove ads by using PayPal to donate any amount to Romuald, the developer.

+ Time shows on the Chrome tab

– Customization of the user interface appears clunky

Google Search showing several time options. Example 10 minutes, 10 seconds, etc.

Google Chrome Timer

  • Website — type timer 5 seconds or any amount of time in the Google search bar or the Omnibox
  • Free 
  • Starts automatically
  • High-pitched beeping sound
  • Stopwatch also available
  • Bookmark several timers for easy access

+ Quick and easy (no bells or whistles)

– Annoying alarm and no customization

The Robot Race Timer from Classroom Timer Fun.
Screenshot by author.

Classroom Timers – Fun Timers

  • Website
  • Free
  • Classic timers: egg, countdown, candle, bar
  • Fun: rocket, robot race, emoji, sport-themed timers, and many more
  • Digital and graphic interface with animations 
  • Full screen available
  • Upgrade: Single Premium at $12 per year or Group Premium at $50 (no adds, larger timers, no clutter)

+ Very bright, colorful, and fun animations

– EXTREMELY easy to click on advertising product installations

The purple and neon green timer form Classtools with the PInk Panther theme.
Screenshot by author.


  • Website
  • Free
  • Very colorful digital countdown timer
  • Add multiple timers and run in sequence or all at once
  • Add a tune or YouTube video to each timer
  • Soundtrack plays during the countdown. Many to choose from: Mission Impossible, Pink Panther, Hawaii 5-0, classical selections, etc.
  • Small chime for the finish
  • Upgrade: Individual yearly at £14.99 or Institutional yearly at £49.99 
  • Classtools also has free games, random name picker, quizzes, and diagrams.

+ If you need music playing during the countdown, this is the timer you want.

– Ad banner at the bottom of timer window

The blue and white timer from Classroom Timer.
Screenshot by author.

Classroom Timers


  • Free
  • Big buttons to select time
  • Change timer shape and color
  • Digital and graphic interface
  • Full screen available
  • Stopwatch available along with many other virtual manipulatives

+ Very easy to set up the time

– Ad banner to the right of the timer

Featured Image by Clker-Free-Vector-Images from Pixabay

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Clarence December 6, 2020 - 6:18 pm

Nice timers you guys got

Michael February 4, 2021 - 3:12 pm

https://timer.pizza is another timer with a minimal, beautiful design


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