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TeacherMade: From Pricey Paper Chaos to Paperless Digital Efficiency

by Laura Bresko
Image of a cartoon person drowning in papers and looking forlorn with the title "Go Paperless with TeacherMade"

Picture this. Ms.Gallo, a dedicated teacher, is standing in line at the school’s copier. It’s a typical Monday morning, and she’s already been waiting for 12 minutes, her arms laden with stacks of handouts for the week. She came in early to get access to the copier but was still fourth in line. The copier jams, and she wonders if she’ll have to come back later. This scene is all too familiar in schools across the country. But what if there was truly a better way? What if we could get off the expensive paper treadmill once and for all? Let’s explore how schools can go paperless and improve digital efficiency.

The Hidden Cost of Paper

Schools often overlook the real cost of their reliance on paper. It’s not just the financial burden, which is significant with commercial copiers costing between $3,000 – $15,000 and toner refills ranging between $200 – $500. It’s also the environmental impact. Schools contribute significantly to paper waste, an issue that is becoming increasingly important as we strive for sustainability. But perhaps the most overlooked cost is the time teachers spend wrestling with paper jams, waiting for copier repairs, and grading stacks of paper assignments.

The Digital Revolution: A Case Study

Consider the story of Lincoln High, a school that decided to tackle this problem head-on. They embarked on a year-long journey to transition from paper to digital. They started small, with teachers committing to one paperless assignment per week using TeacherMade. By the second quarter, all quizzes and tests were conducted online using TeacherMade’s auto-grading feature. By the third quarter, they had incorporated Digital Fridays, where all instruction and learning was paperless that day. The result? A significant reduction in paper usage and teachers reported less stress and more time for instruction. (And their copier lease was for 5 cents per page so they saved lots of money, too!)

Chart outlining a plan for going paperless with TeacherMade by quarter in the 2023-2024 school year.

The Paperless Power of TeacherMade

Picture showing the TeacherMade Uploadable File Types

The transition to a paperless school might seem daunting, but with the right tools, it’s more achievable than you think. Lincoln High used TeacherMade, a powerful tool that allows teachers to convert their existing materials into interactive, auto-graded online assignments. With TeacherMade, teachers can transform their Google Slides, Google Docs, and other PDFs into interactive activities in minutes. Plus, TeacherMade’s auto-grading feature saves teachers time and provides students with instant feedback, enhancing the learning experience.

The Research Is Clear: Students Do Better With Instant Feedback

Going paperless isn’t just about saving money and reducing waste. It’s also about enhancing the learning experience for students. Instant feedback on assignments allows students to learn and improve faster. Digital tools like TeacherMade make learning more interactive and engaging. And perhaps most importantly, it prepares students for a future where digital literacy is increasingly important.

Example of a TeacherMade Paperless autograding assignment

Your School’s Paperless Journey Starts Today

It’s time to step off the paper treadmill. Start small, set clear goals, and gradually increase your digital usage. Invest in the right tools like TeacherMade and provide training for your staff. Monitor your progress and celebrate your successes. And remember, every step you take towards going paperless is a step towards a more efficient, sustainable, and effective learning environment.

So, are you ready to start your school’s paperless journey with TeacherMade?

What tech or apps do you need to go paperless with TeacherMade?

There are many options, and you can quickly run into analysis paralysis as you compare software for the paperless classroom. At a minimum, your toolkit will need to include:

  • The camera on your Android or Apple phone or tablet. Just take a picture of your handout and email it to yourself. You can also use apps to convert the image to a PDF (CamScanner is top-rated in the Google Play Store and free.)
  • An online assignment creator or converter. Once you have a PDF, you must choose a tool to turn PDFs into interactive online assignments. (There is really only one tool for this job– and that’s TeacherMade!)
  • An LMS platform for managing assignments. Google Classroom, Canvas, and Schoology make it easy to communicate with students, post assignment links, and import grades into online grade books.

Benefits of Going Paperless with TeacherMade

TeacherMade is the ideal tool for converting PDFs into online assignments. Your online assessments and activities will feel familiar and much like the paper versions you’re used to. When you go paperless with TeacherMade, you can:

  • Use the materials you already know and love. Transform your existing Google Slides, Docs, and other PDFs into interactive activities in minutes. Or construct digital activities from scratch. The choice is yours.
  • Prevent teacher burnout with TeacherMade’s auto-grading. Regain your nights and weekends. 20+ question types in STAAR 2.0 format means TeacherMade activities are auto-graded for you and your students. Scores flow straight into your online grade book! Even student-constructed responses are graded more easily and quickly in TeacherMade.
  • Instantly measure what your students know. Engage more deeply with the curriculum when they get instant feedback. TeacherMade’s ‘Check My Answers’ button lets students make a game out of getting higher scores on their work.
  • Save money. TeacherMade’s annual subscription is just $79 per year. That’s at least 6 times less than the cost of one teacher printing one page per day for 150 students at $0.02 per page! That doesn’t even include the cost of toner and maintenance!
  • Reduce paper waste. Do good for the earth, be a little greener, work towards sustainability, and reduce waste.
Chart showing an example of how much can be saved by going paperless with TeacherMade

TeacherMade quickly pays for itself by reducing copier costs. As more teachers go paperless, TeacherMade puts money back into your school’s coffers, not in the landfill. Sign up for a free, 30-day trial (no credit card required) and explore going paperless with TeacherMade.

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