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The Big List of Math Learning Resources

by Andrew Roush

Previously in TechNotes, we took a look a several places educators can find engaging STEM and STEAM resources, as well as social studies resources, designed for remote learning. In this post, we’ll delve into some useful compilations, ideas, and sites dedicated to teaching math concepts from numeracy to geometry and beyond.

Checking the Journal

A great first stop is THE Journal’s lengthy list of various websites, pages, and tools for math learning at a distance, including lesson plans, activities, games, apps, and other digital tools. THE has periodically updated the list, keeping you as current as possible. You can even suggest additions for the list by sending details to dschaffhauser@1105media.com.

And note: THE Journal has also compiled lists of free remote learning resources and remote learning STEAM resources.

Spotting New Ideas

Freckle is a popular online differentiation platform for teachers. They’ve shared a number of free lessons that you can explore with a free signup.

Education Week (free registration required) has also compiled a number of digital resources across many subjects, and specifically for math education at various levels. Check out tools from the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics, Achieve the Core, Zearn Math, and more.

Education outlet Maneuvering in the Middle has shared a number of math video lessons, as well as lesson plans, for free.

Educator-Approved Apps

Edutopia has an intensive list of teacher-tested math tools, including games, simulation tools, practice tools, and much, much more. Here’s how they gathered the tools they’re sharing:

We spoke to hundreds of educators and sifted through more than 500 comments to hear about what math tools they found helpful and unhelpful during remote learning this spring, and which are making the cut to use in the new school year.

“11 Teacher-Recommended Math Apps and Online Tools” Emelina Minero.

Common Sense Education offers their own list of “hand-picked” resources specifically chosen for distance learning. Even better, this short list is organized by both grade level and subject.

Parental Guidance

The Math Learning Center offers useful links and advice for parents, too. As families and communities are working along with educators to keep up with the changes in education, parent- and guardian-centered tools can be helpful.

Check out their Math at Home site, with activities organized by grade level.

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