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Top 20 TechNotes Articles of 2023

by Sara Qualls
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As we bid farewell to the year 2023 and eagerly step into the possibilities of 2024, it’s essential to acknowledge the remarkable insight and posts of the TCEA team and our guest contributors over the past year. Amidst crafting numerous innovative learning experiences, they dedicated their efforts to producing valuable resources, tools, and ideas readily applicable in your classrooms, as highlighted in the TechNotes articles. Join us as we unveil the most impactful 20 blog posts, the TechNotes articles that resonated with you the most, in 2023. The countdown to these influential insights begins now!

20. EduProtocols: Workflowing Amazing Lesson Design

ALDO becomes WALDO! Explore a lesson design outline with lots of resources for mixing and matching strategies, EduProtocols, and digital tools.

19. Two Ready-to-Use “This, Not That” Jamboard Bellringers

We’re back with two more “This, Not That” Jamboard bellringers. Use them in class right away, or edit them as templates!

18. How to Easily Convert Quizzes Between Platforms

"How to Easily Convert Quizzes Between Platforms" TechNotes article featured image

Need to get a set of quiz questions from one system (e.g., Quizlet, Kahoot!) into another? Find out how to convert quizzes easily! 

17. Five Techie Things to Try This Summer

TCEA’s Peggy Reimers keeps a running “Check These Out” (CTO) list of things to try. Here are five things to add to your summer CTO list! 

16. MagicSchool Offers 40+ Time-Saving AI Tools for Teachers

"MagicSchool Offers 40+ Time-Saving AI Tools for Teachers" article featured image

If you’ve not tried MagicSchool yet, you’re in for a treat. Explore more than 40 AI tools specifically designed for teachers!

15. An AI Tool for Generating Higher-Order Discussion Questions

Heard of Parlay Genie? This new AI tool generates discussion questions to spark deeper thinking for students in grades 5 through higher ed! 

14. How Reliable Are AI Detectors?

Do AI detectors really work? You may be surprised. See how seven popular tools fared when put to the test with AI-generated text.

13. Two Canva Tools That Will Amaze You

"Two Canva Tools That Will Amaze You" TechNotes article featured image

Want to save tons of time by auto-generating editable designs and quickly translating content? Learn more about two magical Canva tools!

12. How to Differentiate Texts with ChatGPT

Need an adapted or translated text? Use ChatGPT to generate differentiated texts and better accommodate varied reading and language levels! 

11. 10 Free Generative AI Courses Offered by Google

Google now offers 10 free courses in a Generative AI Learning Path. Take the courses and earn completion badges! Check them out.

10. Proven Classroom Discussion Strategies for Deeper Learning

"Proven Classroom Discussion Strategies for Deeper Learning" TechNotes article featured image

Discover six powerful discussion strategies to boost student engagement, encourage deep thinking, and enhance learning outcomes! 

9. Prompts for Lesson Planning with ChatGPT

Get an editable ChatGPT prompt for lesson planning and see prompt examples for activities, ideas, and differentiation.

8. Five AI Tools to Try (May 2023)

This month’s AI roundup features slide decks, storytelling, sarcasm, flashcards, and more. Check out these five AI tools for educators!

7. May the 4th Classroom Activities and Resources

"May the 4th Classroom Activities and Resources" blog featured image

Are you a Star Wars fan? Are your students? If so, here are some fun activities of all kinds to incorporate this Star Wars Day! 

6. Five Fun End-of-the-Year Classroom Activities

As the end of the year nears, it’s important to unwind, have fun, and reflect. Try one of these fun end-of-the-year activities.

5. 80 Graphic Organizer Templates for Active Learning

"80 Graphic Organizer Templates for Active Learning" TechNotes article featured image

Did you know that using graphic organizers can promote active learning? Here are 80 free and fully customizable templates for you to explore!

4. A Free and Open-Source (FOSS) Geographic Information System

Explore a popular K-12 geographic information system and check out a free and open-source alternative, QGIS.  

3. How ChatGPT Can Help with Grading

"How ChatGPT Can Help with Grading" article featured image

As a potential grading assistant, ChatGPT can help streamline the feedback and grading process, but you’re still in charge! Find out how…

2. How to Create a Rubric with ChatGPT

Get an editable prompt template and create a rubric with ChatGPT in less than one minute! Watch it work its magic in an example video. 

1. Chat GPT Prompts for Busy Educators

Take a look at ChatGPT prompts for educators! Learn how to craft your best prompt to maximize your results and get what you’re looking for.

While 2023 has concluded, the dawn of 2024 brings a fresh start! TCEA’s dedicated team is already hard at work crafting insightful TechNotes articles for the upcoming year. Additionally, stay tuned for an array of engaging Lunch and Learns, events, and numerous exciting offerings that will unfold throughout the year!

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