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Congratulations to our 2023 TCEA Certification Graduates!

by Peggy Reimers
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TCEA would like to recognize and congratulate the dedicated and hardworking educators who have completed Campus Technology Specialist (CTS) Certification and Technology/IT Director Certification through TCEA in 2023. These individuals have put in many long hours honing their craft, reflecting on their progress, and preparing a portfolio showcasing their new skills and tools. They did an amazing job and should be congratulated on their success!

The Benefits of Certification

TCEA offers two certifications to assist educators in becoming more proficient in specific areas. The Campus Technology Specialist (CTS) Certification and the Technology/IT Director Certification both consist of required coursework, a final project, and a portfolio. 

Advantages of Certifications:

  • Stand out among your peers
  • Ensure your knowledge is up to date
  • Demonstrate your expertise and proficiency
  • Provide additional value to your school
  • Become the “go-to” in your area of expertise
  • Show your willingness and initiative to continue your education

What Is the Campus Technology Specialist Certification?

This certification is designed to provide educators who wish to become, or already are, campus-level technology specialists. The emphasis is on developing skills to help classroom teachers successfully integrate technology into the everyday curriculum and build capacity at the local campus level. The certification is designed for teachers, librarians, and technology specialists. Attending the TCEA Conference for Educational Coaches (CEC) in the fall will earn you 6 hours toward a CTS certification. 

Congratulations to Our CTS Graduates

TCEA is pleased to congratulate 56 Round Rock ISD Instructional Technology Specialists. The Round Rock ISD Instructional Technology leadership sought a collaborative, professional learning experience for their campus-based instructional technology specialists. So, TCEA tailored the CTS Certification specifically for their goals. The overarching aim was to empower each team member to acquire essential skills, boost confidence, and reinforce the pivotal role of coaches and instructional specialists in transforming instruction across all campuses within Round Rock ISD.

Round Rock ISD Instructional Coaches who earned Campus Technology Specialist Certification.

What Is the Technology/IT Director Certification?

The Technology/IT Director certification provides a program for educators who wish to become, or already are, district-level technology or IT directors. The emphasis is on developing strategic leadership skills and the ability to provide effective and engaging educational technology experiences for both staff and students.

Congratulations to Our IT/Tech Director Graduates

List of TCEA Technology/IT Director Certification graduates for 2023.

Customized Certifications for Districts Available

Are you ready to unleash your professional potential and maximize learning in your school or district? TCEA can assist leadership with evidence-based instructional solutions. Our self-paced, online certifications and courses will meet your needs. Districts like Waco ISD and Round Rock ISD use TCEA’s tailored online courses and certifications. TCEA customization allows districts to better track participation and customize learning outcomes. Contact Miguel Guhlin for information.

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