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Our Top 20 Ed Tech Blogs of 2020

by Sara Qualls
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2020 is about to come to an end – and I think everyone can be a little thankful for that! This year has been hard. And for the most part, I think we all can agree we would like the year to be scrubbed from our memory.

With that said, we’ve been busy at TCEA headquarters trying to give you the tools and resources to survive teaching in a pandemic. Our team created 20+ new, online certification courses, held two virtual conferences, and wrote over 250 blog posts this year. Here’s the countdown of the top 20 posts that mattered most to you.

20. Teaching in a Hybrid Classroom
Teaching effectively and meaningfully in the hybrid classroom is difficult. Here are some instructional models and best practices to help.

19. Blended, Flipped, and Remote Learning: What’s the Difference?
There are many ways to describe the ways teachers use technology to deliver instruction. Let’s make sure we know what is meant with each of these terms.

18. Virtual Classroom Signs
If you’ve created your own virtual classroom, library, or office, learn how to use text and word generators to add fun background signs.

17. Google Meet or Zoom Transcription
Need to keep a record of the content of a Google Meet or Zoom call? You may have an undiscovered need for audio transcription. Let’s see what’s available.

16. Remote Learning Tools for Schools
Whether it’s extremely bad weather or the COVID-19 virus, remote learning may sometimes be necessary. Here are some tools to help.

15. Video Sharing in Google Classroom and Seesaw
During these times, video sharing is a critical need for both teachers and students. Here’s the latest roundup of tools that make that easy.

14. Buzz Me In: Remote Learning Buzzers and Scoreboards
Want to gamify learning in your remote classroom in support of practice testing? Why not drop in an online buzzer or scoreboard? Find out how in this blog.

13. Establishing Norms for Remote Learning
Establishing norms will ensure a successful start for your remote learning classroom. Discover how to include your students in the creation process.

12. Preparing Students for Their New Remote Classroom
You’ve created your remote classroom and are ready for students. But have you gotten them ready for remote learning? Learn how in this blog.

11. Lesson Plan Template for Remote Learning
Here’s a basic remote learning lesson plan template that can help you think through how you will teach differently when the students are virtually present.

10. Remote Learning Best Practices
Discover some of the best practices that can help teachers transition from a fully face-to-face to a remote learning environment.

9. Copyright-Free Images for Student Work
Discover lots of copyright-free images offered by the TCEA members and staff. These are great to use with student projects or in your own teaching materials.

8. Virtual Background for Google Meet
Wish you had an easy way to cover up that home office mess with a virtual background for Google Meet? Jealous of your Zoom buddies? Not anymore.

7. Five Amazing Add-Ons for Google Classroom
Remote teaching? Wish you had some helper tools to make the work go faster? Make Google Classroom even more amazing with these five add-ons.

6. Distancing without Disconnecting: Zoom Games
Play these fun Zoom games while social distancing to ensure you stay connected with everyone. They can be used with kids or adults.

5. Maintain Teacher Privacy with Google Voice
Safeguard your personal phone number with a Google Voice number of your own. In this blog entry, we explore Google Voice for educators.

4. Background Removal Tools for Photos and Videos
Try these three online tools for background removal from photos and images. They are all simple to use and will make your work look amazing!

3. Google Meet Add-Ons and Updates
A few Chrome extensions can improve your Google Meet experience, especially for classroom learning. Come along as we explore those extensions.

2. Email Writing for Students
In today’s digital world, teaching your students the art of writing an email is a must. This blog has lesson ideas, videos, and resources to help.

And now, #1 of the top 20 blogs for TCEA this year (and one we predict will be equally as popular next year):

1. Taking Among Us! To School
Discover how you can use the very popular Among Us! game with your students for more engagement, stronger learning, and greater retention.

We hope to have even more wonderful blog posts for you in 2021. And we wish everyone a much better new year!

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