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Virtual Classroom Signs

by Peggy Reimers
Virtual Classroom with LEGO sign at the top spelling out Welcome Back in LEGO bricks.

This past summer, I had the pleasure of attending the TCEA hands-on Bitmoji webinar with Lisa Marie Bennet. We created a Bitmoji selfie and a virtual classroom stocked with a background, furniture, and even a bookshelf. This got me thinking. What if you wanted to create a unique sign to hang in your virtual classroom, library, or office? I am hoping Lisa Marie thinks this would be a great addition also. 

By the way, if you missed the hands-on webinar, you can still learn how to create a virtual classroom, library, or office with our online, self-paced Bitmoji Educator course. This five-module course includes lots of videos showing you exactly how to create your own Bitmoji avatar and then add it to your virtual space. Upon completion, you’ll have ideas on how to use your Bitmoji for teaching and learning and will have earned 12 CPE hours. The course is only $29 and includes a free year of TCEA membership.

Check out the artistic word generators and text generators below to create and “spiff-a-fy” a virtual sign. But be careful; you can spend as many hours creating a sign as you can creating your virtual classroom.


Example of all 13 Flippity choices for interesting fonts.
Graphic created by author.

Flippity.net would be my first choice to generate a fun sign. There are many options available in Flippity, but you are looking for the Flippity Fun for Words. Each activity generator uses a Google Sheets to make cool stuff. This resource can’t be beaten as every idea comes with a demo, instructions, and a template to make the cool stuff. And it includes 13 different design choices.


United States spelled out with satellites of building roofs.
Graphic created by author.

Geo-Greeting is a fun use of Google Earth’s 3D satellite imagery. You can easily create a message with letter-shaped buildings. Jesse Vig is the letter finder. According to his bio, he is a software engineer and graduate student at the University of Minnesota studying Computer Science. A bonus: If you happen to come across any Google Map letters, send Jesse an email at geogreeting@gmail.com.

Magic Rainbow Unicorns Add-on

Welcome back rockets designed with Magic Rainbow Unicorns.
Title designed by author.

Magic Rainbow Unicorns is an extension you can add to Google Docs or Slides. Select your text, change the rainbow options, and click the blue Start the rainbow magic button. 

Microsoft Window 95 Word Art

ABCDE designed with Word Art.
Created by author.

If you are looking to go old school, try WORD Art from Microsoft Windows 95. In its day, Word Art jazzed up millions of book reports, logos, and presentations. Let’s bring it back to the future in a virtual classroom. 

Google Word Art

ABCDEF created in the Google World of Word Art.
Created by author.

You can always create Word art in Google Docs, Slides, and Drawings. All you need to do is find “insert” on your toolbar. Click on Word art. Next enter your text and then change the attributes: fill and border colors, font, and size.

Strangify Title Generator

Welcome Back created in the Strangify Title Generator.
Created by the author.

Are you a super fan of the Netflix series, Stranger Things? Nelson Cash created a Strangify Title Generator. You are limited by the number of characters – so no getting long-winded on this one.

TextGiraffe Generator

The word Hello created in Text Giraffe.
Created by author.

The TextGiraffe site is a text generator – make your own logo website. I couldn’t locate much information on the usage of the site, but it does have over 100 different options. A word of caution if you are allowing students to use this site as a generator as the choices do include beer bottles and poker chips as logo generators.

Flaming Text Generator

DSHS create in 11 fonts from Flaming Text.
Created by author.

FlamingText is free for personal and academic use! As a free user, you can use all of their logos and fonts. You can change text, color, background, and most other basic parameters of your logos. The website states no registration is needed, but if you sign up and create an account, you can save your logos.

Bitmoji Text Generator

Six examples of Peggy in Bitmoji.
Created by author.

And don’t forget, you can certainly use Bitmoji to create photos. Open up your Bitmoji and type a saying into the search bar to create your own custom Bitmoji sayint. Be LIKE Lisa Marie and add a picture frame around your newly generated sign. From your Google Slides:



>Search the web

Featured image created by author.

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Ma Clark August 4, 2020 - 1:04 pm

Wow!!! You are full of ideas and information!!! Thank you for taking the time to share them with us!!


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