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Five AI Tools to Try (July 2023)

by Sara Qualls

Our very own writer, Emily Horn, is currently out on vacation, so I’ve happily taken the reins to introduce you to some of my favorite AI tools. Get ready to dive into a world of technological wonders that will leave you amazed and inspired!

AI Arena

AI Arena is on a mission to make AI intuitive and accessible to everyone, all while having a blast! Join the excitement of this fun and competitive gaming experience that will boost your AI knowledge and literacy. Get ready to dive into the world of artificial intelligence and unleash your gaming skills in a whole new dimension! It’s definitely an AI tool to try.


My amazing co-worker, Miguel, shared this beauty with me. Schrodi.co is an online app for parents to make children’s stories using AI. Choose your main character and share a tidbit or two about them, and this app will create a kid-friendly story. You can check out this story that Miguel created about a grey cat. 


Here’s a fun one: CollovGPT. Engage in a conversation with AI as it partners with you on a creative journey to design your dream room. With this tool, you’ll upload your room photo first and then start chatting and sharing your ideas. Watch as it generates stunning renderings of your room with an updated layout and furniture. Keep refining and exploring until you achieve the perfect design, bringing your vision to life. Let the power of this AI tool transform your space into a personalized haven you’ll love!


Meta has recently made a contribution to the world of music with the release of their open-source, AI-powered music generator: MusicGen. This remarkable tool is trained on an extensive dataset of over 20,000 hours of music and has the ability to transform text descriptions into captivating audio clips. What’s more, it can also take inspiration from reference audio, allowing for even greater creative possibilities. 


Say goodbye to switching between apps and hello to effortless multitasking. Introducing TypeAce, your ultimate co-pilot! Powered by OpenAI’s advanced GPT models, TypeAce integrates into your keyboard, unleashing a world of productivity and convenience. Whether you’re composing emails or jotting down notes, TypeAce has got you covered. With its intelligent keyboard extension, you’ll experience a whole new level of efficiency as it anticipates your needs and provides smart suggestions. Customize your co-pilot by saving your frequently-used prompts and creating personalized commands. TypeAce is available for iOS users only.

Bonus Tool:

Hello History

History Buffs, you can now take your students on an epic learning adventure with Hello History. This AI tool allows you to chat with anyone from the past. Yep, that’s right! You can have life-like conversations with historical figures. It even gives educators the power to control content and facts.

Double Bonus: AI in the News

The First AI DJ Has Arrived

Portland locals can now tune in to Live 95.5 and experience the incredible AI-powered radio host, Ashley. Powered by RadioGPT, she’s there to bring you top-notch programming, deliver the latest news, and even engage with callers. It’s like having a futuristic radio companion right in your ears! Read More >>>

A Church Service Powered Completely by AI

A chatbot guided a group of over 300 individuals through a 40-minute service that included prayer, music, sermons, and more. Read More >>>

Scientists Rebuild Spinal Cord with AI

In a groundbreaking achievement, a paralyzed individual has achieved the extraordinary feat of walking again solely through the power of their thoughts. This remarkable breakthrough was made possible by the integration of two implants that successfully restored communication between the brain and spinal cord. Read More >>>

Okay friends, thanks for letting me step in this month and explore AI tools with all of you. If you gave any of these tools a try, please drop me a line in the comments. Happy summer!

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Cari Miller July 13, 2023 - 7:34 pm

To all my friends in teaching and administration, I love the enthusiasm over AI. It can be an incredibly powerful tool. However, it comes with coexisting dangers that we must always be aware of. I implore you to read the privacy policies for each of the AI tools noted in this article before using them. (I’m not even sure the first tool has one.) The others seem like they violate FERPA and COPPA. This means we need to be EXTRA careful about letting our kiddos use them. I wish these companies took data privacy more seriously!! 🙁

Emily Horn July 24, 2023 - 8:10 am

You’re absolutely right, Cari! Thank you for reading and for commenting on this issue.


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