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A Great Trick-or-Treating App

by Lori Gracey

The holiday celebration of Halloween hasn’t changed much in the past 100 years. But now there is a new twist that can make the celebration even better. Check out the Nextdoor app. Normally used for neighborhood events, the app has added. a Treat Map.

Where’s the Candy?

Simply sign up for the free service. Then you can go in to the provided map of your neighborhood. You will be given the choice to add icons over your family’s home specifically for Halloween. There’s a candy corn you can use if you are giving out candy or a haunted house icon if you’re hosting a scary adventure and everyone is welcome to take part.


Planning the Night Out

Parents can use the Treat Map, available also for iPhone and Android, to help their children plan out where they will go to trick-or-treat. There’s no need for confusion about who is providing candy and who isn’t with the old habit of leaving an outside light on. They can also use it to see what streets are offering the most candy. Teachers could use the website version of the app to have students plan out the best route to get get the most candy or the route that doesn’t require any backtracking or lost time. For Halloween, Nextdoor is a good thing! Plus, they’ve given everyone the ability to add pet treats this year.

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Marcia December 5, 2018 - 7:47 am

Thank you for reminding people about the Nextdoor APP. This was a good way to scan my neighborhood to see where trick or treaters would get treats! My neighborhood is active on this APP and it is wonderful for monitoring crime, getting help from people with skills, who are your neighbors but maybe you haven’t even met yet. Our SAAFE officer is wonderful too and frequently will send out reminders and BOLO’s via this APP. I even had someone come help me get a small bird out of my oven vent when it flew down. Just posted it on the app and he showed up. (Posted only in my neighborhood and checked him out with a mutual friend before I sent him my actual address, for safety purposes). You can also choose to list your address or just your community name when you sign up.


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