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Organizationally Challenged? ME to the Rescue

by Lori Gracey
ME organizer

All of us are busy today, whether we are adults or students. Remembering all of the things that we need to get done and, more importantly, when they have to be done by, can be a major task. Technology resources like Google Calendar can certainly help. But what’s been missing is a central “brain” to keep track of everything in one place for us. And that’s where AI (Artificial Intelligence) comes in.

Over the past year or so, Amazon has introduced the Echo, a device designed to help us better manage our busy lives. And Google followed with Google Home. While absolutely fantastic, both of these are appliance solutions that require you to purchase a device. If you’re not where the device is, then it can’t help you. So these kinds of resources aren’t very useful for students at school.

What the ME Organizer Can Do for You

ME is a new web-based solution that is focused on “improving your daily life.” It is a virtual assistant that uses artificial intelligence to help us be more efficient and organize our lives. It lives on your favorite messaging platforms, such as Messenger, Telegram, SMS, Slack, and Alexa (coming soon), and is available 24/7.

For starters, here’s what this new resource can do:

  • Manages lists and sends you timed reminders
  • Remembers events or important information for instant recall
  • Manages your calendar
  • Calls you to wake you up
  • Provides weather updates
  • Sends you jokes when you’re having a bad day

Educational Uses of ME

Now all of the above features can also be handled by devices like the Amazon Echo. But again, ME can be with you anywhere you go, which makes it a natural for students to use in school. We know that organizational skills are critical to surviving and thriving in today’s world. But we don’t spend much time actually teaching kids how to be organized as we might need to. ME is a great tool for them to use for managing their assignments and homework, meetings and events, and important things they need to remember. Best of all, the service is completely FREE! Students can get started using ME simply by picking a communication system that will work on their device.

Our schedules aren’t going to get any less busy. So finding the perfect tool to help manage our busy lives is important. Share the ME organizer with your students and see if they find it useful.


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