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We have closed the door on 2021 and have just opened the door to 2022. For myself, 2021 was an improvement from 2020, but it was still filled with lots of new situations to navigate. I can say that I am excited to see what 2022 will bring all of us. One can only hope that we are moving onward and upward!

But before we fully say goodbye to 2021, I still want to recognize what the team at TCEA has accomplished this year. Along with creating new online learning opportunities for you, they were busy pumping out useful resources and tools that you can use and sharing their thoughts on the latest research. They were able to tackle writing more than 275 ed tech blog posts this year. Bravo! Here are the top 20 ed tech blog posts that mattered the most to you and the rest of the world this year. Let the countdown begin!

20. Frayer Model Template for Word Analysis. Need a quick way to introduce students to tough vocabulary? In this follow-up to “Semantic Maps Made Easy,” see and download Frayer Model templates.

19. Blending High-Effect Instructional Strategies with the 5E Model. Curious about how you can blend high-effect size instructional strategies into the 5E Model of teaching? Come along as we explore this idea and process.

18. Five Fantastic Browser-Based Digital Tools. Here are a few browser-based digital tools you didn’t know you needed, but that can save you time and effort. And they work on any device.

17. Eight Chrome Extensions and Sites You May Not Know (March 2021). Explore these eight Chrome add-ons, extensions, and websites. From passwords to reading to games, at least one of them will be new to you.

16. Nine Technology Tools for Accommodation, Modification, and Intervention. Looking for a few technology tools to help with accommodations, modifications, and interventions? Check out these nine gems.

15. The EV3 Robot Retires. What’s the future of LEGO robotics with the announcement of the EV3 being phased out? Here are all the answers and recommendations for you.

14. The Power of Post-It Note Teaching. The lowly Post-It note can be a powerful teaching tool. Learn how to print things on it and about an app that is Post-It fantastic!

13. Easy End-of-the-Year Activities. In this post, we’ve collected activities for both in-person and remote learning that can help you end the school year with some fun.

12. Seven Spooktacular Activities for the Elementary Classroom. It’s fall, ya’ll, and that means it’s almost Halloween. Get ready to have some fun with these seven spooktacular elementary activities.

11. Choice Boards for Elementary Learners. Take your elementary classroom to the next level with these choice board examples and templates. Your students will thank you.

10. Pineapple Charts: Learning from Your Peers. Pineapple charts help educators easily learn from each other. Using pineapple charts makes scheduling that learning simple and convenient and doesn’t cost a dime.

9. Assessment-Based Feedback Tool: Blooket. Dig into another game-based system you can use to enhance blended learning, formative assessment, and practice testing. The free tool? Blooket.

8. Fun Icebreaker Jamboard Templates for Back to School. Try these fun back-to-school icebreaker Jamboard templates with your students. You’ll be amazed at how quickly you’ll get to know them.

7. Free Jamboard Templates for Secondary Students. Engage your secondary students in collaborative or individual learning with these free Google Jamboard templates.

6. Five Interactive Tools for Learning the Periodic Table. Wish you had a list of amazing interactive science tools? Explore these periodic tables of elements that help make science interactive.

5. Free Classroom Posters to Engage Students. The classroom posters in this blog can be used for special months of celebration or hung all year long. Take a look — they’re all free!

4. Google’s New Storage Policy: Avoid the Terror. Heard of Google’s new storage policy? Has that new policy got you thinking you need an exit strategy? We’ve got you covered.

3. 2000+ Lesson Plan Templates and Ideas for K12. Discover a wealth of lesson plan template resources and treasures in this searchable collection for grades K-12 in all subject areas.

2. Digital Math Tools. Get your students excited about math with these digital math tools and resources, all of them free and ready to use!

1. Social Emotional Learning Activity Templates for Google Jamboard. Have you been looking for Social-Emotional Learning (SEL) activities for your classroom? If so, check out these Google Jamboard templates.

I know the team will have even more amazing ed tech blogs to bring you in 2022. Happy New Year!

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