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Seven Reasons Why TCEA’s Convention & Exposition Is a Must-Attend Event

by Emily Horn

To start out the new year, I’m not going to hold back. 2021 was not easy. Am I right? This school year is not easy. There’s a lot going on in people’s lives, minds, and hearts. It seems that most everyone I talk to is feeling overwhelmed yet hopeful for the new year. I too am so hopeful for 2022. We have to hope, right? And I’m pumped to start out 2022 with the TCEA Convention & Exposition with the belief that it will kick-start my year and give me what I need to keep going!

And I’m not alone in being pumped. All the incredible TCEA board members, the Convention Advisory Committee, and the TCEA staff are 100% jazzed and ready for TCEA 2022, and we all hope that you are, too. Did you know that most of our professional development team was attending the convention well before they joined the TCEA staff? It’s true. And we all agree: This isn’t like any conference you’ve ever attended. What better way to start out 2022 than attending TCEA’s Convention and Exposition?

Before we get started, let’s take a quick glimpse at what the TCEA Convention & Exposition has looked like in previous years:

If you read Executive Director Lori Gracey’s August 2021 post, then you already know: registration is 100% open. In the spirit of celebrating the convention, I have compiled seven fantastic reasons everyone in the education world should attend this event. Yes, I mean everyone– from Tennessee to Texas! Of course, there are more than seven reasons, but you can’t read all day. Here we go.

1. Sessions that Actually Benefit You

Not only do you have a plethora of sessions to choose from, but sessions focus on the most relevant topics in ed tech and education like social-emotional learning, being Future-Ready, STEM/STEAM, cybersafety, and evidence-based strategies. And you’ll get tools and strategies to use in content areas like math, science, and language arts. There are sessions for every possible role from coaching and professional development to library and media integration. Plus you’ll get tons of tips and tricks for various trending ed tech tools and applications. I’m not kidding. You will leave with a brain full of ideas and pockets full of things to use and share tomorrow. 


2. Connection + Caring = Community 

It’s not just professional development. It’s TCEA. You’re not joining thousands of educators to sit, listen, and leave. No way. One of TCEA’s biggest strengths is how we foster community. We want to bring educators together because we know that connection, collaboration, and learning from and with each other is huge. You’ll have the opportunity to connect during sessions, but we will also have meetups, panel discussions, and hands-on experiences that will get you sharing what’s worked and what hasn’t and learning from peers and leaders in the field. Educators come back every year looking forward to seeing their valued connections in the TCEA community at convention. 

3. Powerful, Uplifting Speakers 

We released our list of speakers back in October and November, and you won’t be disappointed with how they deliver. Previously, we’ve hosted some greats like Gerry Brooks, Mae Jemison, Marlee Matlin, and Bill Nye. This year’s keynotes are Cynthia Marshall and Brett Culp. Keynotes will address equity, diversity, and inclusion, leading with heart, putting people first, the beauty of the human experience, and engaging in a mission that builds community through relationships. I can’t wait. We also have a host of thought leaders who are going to rock your world with tools, resources, tips, and strategies during their sessions.


4. Yes, It’s Fun

Alright. Let’s be honest. We come for the learning, but…we also like fun. In the Exhibit Hall, you’ll interact with vendors and technology to explore all the possibilities of ed tech. It’s definitely an attendee favorite. Not only that, but you’ll have time after convention each day to explore all that the great city of Dallas has to offer. When you register, you’ll become a part of the TCEA Convention Community Group where you’ll find tips for discovering Dallas and enjoying some nightlife, among other things.


5. Meet Your Goals 

So we talked about fun. Now let’s get down to the nitty-gritty. When you build your schedule, you can create your experience to meet your professional goals and the specific goals and objectives of your campus or district. You can build out your schedule in the TCEA app (you’ll receive an email to download the TCEA app soon) or head to the Attendee Services Desk at the convention to work with a veteran attendee on constructing the best schedule personalized for you. You’ll certainly get everything you’re looking for no matter how you choose to create your schedule. And it will be awesome.


6. Freebies! 

In addition to all the benefits of conference attendance, with every registration comes a free, auto-renewing TCEA membership. TCEA memberships come with many perks, like 35 free Lunch and Learn webinars each year, free ebooks on teaching and learning topics, entry into the helpful, supportive, and interactive online Community, and access to the TCEA Community PD Library with numerous resources and archives available to you. Additionally, each Full Conference Badge registration comes with 30-day access to 50 hours of online content on Bridging the Learning Gap and Social-Emotional Learning. It means you can cram in as many CPE credits as humanly possible during the convention and then earn up to 50 more after the convention. It’s a steal. Really.    

7. Get Re-Energized 

When the staff was asked what their favorite thing about convention was, “energy” came up multiple times. Many references were made to what it feels like to be at the convention, the positive energy, the revitalization, the joy that comes with connecting and facilitating connections. Come feel the joy with us and get energized, inspired, and excited by an environment full of learning and innovation. 


PRO TIP: We also have discounted hotel rooms in Dallas available once you register. But there is limited availability, so register quickly to take advantage. 

What is your favorite thing about the convention? Please leave us a comment letting us know or telling us about your convention experience. We are so excited to be back in person this year, which means we will see you. You are who we’re all about, and we exist to serve educators and to make learning without limits happen.

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Paula Vasek January 6, 2022 - 8:19 am

Do you plan to have an optional virtual conference?

Emily Hopkins January 6, 2022 - 9:35 am

Hi Paula, thanks for reading and commenting! TCEA is discussing all ways to keep attendees safe with the city of Dallas and the convention center. Also, we are offering two online packages for those unable to attend face to face.

Olaoye lsrael January 6, 2022 - 10:10 pm

I can’t afford to miss the convention


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