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TCEA Responds: Connect with Google Certified Administrators

by Miguel Guhlin
TCEA responds

Welcome to TCEA Responds #2.  Submit your own question(s) online. Today’s topic is Google Certified Administrator communities.


Dear TCEA Responds:

Would it be possible to get an email group together of the people who attended the Admin Domain bootcamp? I have questions and I would love to have them/y’all to bounce them off of. Thanks, Starling!

Dear Starling:

Absolutely, we can get a group together to support the Google Certified Administrator Bootcamp session, keeping you in touch with other session participants. In fact, TCEA Professional Development Director Diana Benner started a Google Plus Community to facilitate sharing among TCEA Certified Google Administrators (click the link to apply to join if you have already attended a Google Certified Administrator Bootcamp via TCEA).

Other Google Certified Admin Communities

TCEA RespondsThere are also many other communities for Google Certified Administrators on Google Plus. The benefit of joining several communities is that you get diverse perspectives and insights. For example, John Sowash asked in one Google Plus Community “What advice do you have for completing all the Google exams?”

Responses included some of the following points from Edward Dougherty and Amanda LeBlanc:

  • Remember that exams are “open book,” so organize your resources prior to the exam.
  • Complete the Fundamentals Training, especially if you are new to G Suite.
  • Review the Sample Questions provided by Google.
  • Find a study buddy who can ask questions and simulate scenarios for you.
  • Check out YouTube videos if you need assistance with one of the G Suite applications.
  • Take your time and double-check your work (especially with sharing rights).
  • Find a quiet space to take your exam with no distractions.
  • Reach out to other certified educators/trainers if you have questions (Twitter, Google+, email district members who may be certified).
  • Take time to practice with each of the tools as you go through Fundamentals training – take any “new to you” tools for a test drive so that you can see the connections in your day-to-day teaching and learning environment.

Participate in TCEA BootcampsTCEA Responds

Of course, completing the preparation course that TCEA Google Certified Administrators and trainers developed prepares you well, too! Why don’t you join us for a TCEA Google Suites for Education session? You will learn a lot more than just Google tips and how-to strategies. And you will connect to fellow Texans ready to learn and grow with you. Check the calendar to see when the next workshop is.


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