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Activities for Celebrating STEM/STEAM Day

by Diana Benner

National STEM/STEAM Day falls on November 8. It’s the perfect day to help students focus on science, technology, engineering, art, and math. Creating an understanding of STEM and STEAM is extremely important. Therefore, on November 8, celebrate STEAM/STEM Day by encouraging your students to do a STEM or STEAM project!

Multiple studies have highlighted the importance of STEM education. STEM skills are more important now than ever because STEM enhances one’s capacity to innovate and use technology and science as a tool to solve problems. In addition,  STEM careers have increased by 79% since the 1990s and are projected to continue to grow by at least 13% into 2027.

STEM/STEAM Activities and Resources

There are many great ways for students to celebrate STEM/STEAM Day at home and in the classroom. Here are some activities and resources to help you get started.

Fun Stem Resources for High School Learners

Screenshot of a chart made by high school students about raising chickens

Discover a trove of STEM resources and ways to find even more. These will all work great with your high school students.

Gratitude Towers for Social Awareness and Stem

Did you know that students can explore SEL and STEM all in one project? Well, they can– by building gratitude towers!

Solo Cup Engineering Challenge

Instructions and supplies list for the Solo Cup STEM Engineering Challenge

The Solo Cup Engineering Challenge is perfect for team building. Students and adults love this activity for fun and learning.

Stem Activities and Challenges for Middle School Learners

If you’re looking to engage your middle school learners in new STEM activities and challenges, you’ll definitely want to try these out!

The Helping Harriet STEAM Challenge

The Helping Harriet STEAM Challenge

Looking for a fun STEAM activity for your classroom? Check out this blog entry, which features Harriet, a bald eagle watched by millions of people.

We Have to Save Fred!

We Have to Save Fred STEM challenge materials

Always a favorite, The Save Fred Challenge is great for team building. Plus, check out extension ideas to create a perfect day of learning.

Do you have any STEM/STEAM challenges that you love? Add them in the comments to let us know. And have a wonderful STEM/STEAM Day this November 8!

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