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Eight Chrome Extensions and Sites You May Not Know (September 2022)

by Sara Qualls
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It’s September, and hopefully, you and your students are in the full swing of things with your back-to-school routine kicked into full gear. September through December is a long stretch with Thanksgiving breaking things up a bit. But fear not. I’ve got some new finds for you to explore for fun, accommodation, accessibility, and…more fun. Let’s jump right in with this month’s haul of Chrome extensions and worthy websites.

Chrome Extensions to Try

Open Dyslexic for Chrome. This Chrome extension is an open-sourced font created specifically for users with dyslexia. Digital accessibility is often overlooked. Open Dyslexic will help to reformat fonts to be more easily readable.

Cute Cursors. If you’re tired of that boring black-and-white pointer, here’s another extension to help you customize your cursor. Choose one to help you find it easier on your screen or one that will give you a laugh.

Return YouTube Dislike. YouTube may have rid the ability to see how many dislikes a video had, but the people have spoken and found a way to retrieve that info with this extension. Save yourself a little time by finding out which video will be a boom or bust.

Flappy Bird Offline. Remember back to 2012 when a little game that was developed in just three days was all the rage? The world overwhelmed the creator, and he had to take it down. Well, now you can play it again– and without the internet. If you want the full scoop, you can read it here.

Read Aloud: A Text to Speech Voice Reader. I think we can all agree that read alouds are important. If you’re not sure why, then check out this post to learn a variety of reasons (and get free resources). This extension is powerful because it uses text-to-speech (TTS) technology to convert any webpage text to audio.

Must-Visit Websites

Skribbl. Pictionary enthusiasts unite! With this website, you can challenge your friends and family or people across the world with this guessing game.

World History Encyclopedia. Remember encyclopedias? Those huge books that we used to pull out to write reports? They’re long gone, as now, we have most everything at the tips of our fingers. This site is full of resources like maps, translations, quizzes, and primary sources, and it’s a must-save for history buffs.

Akinator. Here’s a popular and interesting one to visit. It asks you to think of a character (real or fictional) and will guess your choice by asking you a series of questions. Supposedly, the website has never guessed incorrectly!

Have a favorite extension I need to try? What about a website that everyone needs to hear about? Share it with me in the comments below.

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