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Eight Chrome Extensions and Sites You May Not Know (March 2022)

by Sara Qualls

Thank you to everyone who shared their favorite Chrome extensions on TCEA’s Facebook Page. I’ve included some of those here. Please keep sharing, and I’ll keep adding to my list. But would it even be a blog post of mine if I didn’t include random finds? I think not. So I’ve also included some spontaneous extensions and sites I’ve found for you to enjoy and explore. Ready? Let’s jump right in!

Chrome Extensions to Try

Eyedropper. If you’re the type of person who likes to get all “matchy-matchy,” download this extension right now. No really. Do it! Eyedropper lets you pick colors from web pages so you can coordinate and match all you like.

Natural Reader Text to Speech. This extension allows you to listen to any email, webpage, PDF, Kindle book, and more. You read that right. It converts online text into natural-sounding audio. Just press play, and it will start reading aloud to you.

Wordtune- AI-powered Writing Companion. If you’re at a loss for words but you “kinda sorta” know what you want to say (Yeah, me too. ), Wordtune is here to come to the rescue. This extension uses artificial intelligence to help you get your message across.

Wordler. Are you into the Wordle craze? I can honestly say that I have not taken the leap on this trend. That said, I wasn’t able to try it out. But I thought it was worth a share since many of you are into Wordle. This extension will help you solve those tricky ones that leave you stumped.

Reaction Time Game. This one was right up my alley. Improve those ninja reflexes in no time with this game of skill. I like to use it while I’m waiting for a website to load. And all it takes is a space bar! I’ve got it down to 301 milliseconds. It’s definitely harder than it looks.

Must-Visit Websites

PointerPointer. Okay, this one is strange. However, if you like to people watch, you might enjoy it. My first question? Where did the creator get all of these random photos? After putting that thought aside, I found it a bit addictive. Move your mouse to different parts of the screen, and a new photo of a random person pointing at your cursor will appear after each move.

Domino Roilipman. Did you ever set up dominos as a kid with your younger brother so you could watch them fall? (Just me? Okay, then.) This site is housed in Google’s Arts & Culture Experiments. Now you can play and build with dominos, then watch them crash without all the cleanup. If you have early finishers, send them here.

Ancient Earth Globe. Have you ever wondered what Earth looked like years upon years ago? No need to wonder any longer. Enter a time frame, and you will go back in time. You’ll also get a short snippet of information regarding the time period. This site could be incorporated as an extension activity to a project. Bonus: They also have the largest dinosaur database filled with pictures and facts. It was assembled by hundreds of paleontologists over the last twenty years.

Let me know how exploring, creating, and building up those reflex times goes for you. If you have a faster reflex time than me, share it with me on Twitter, so I have something to strive for!

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Otto Hermann March 24, 2022 - 10:06 pm

I was browsing random thoughts on the web and found this article – my daughter is a teacher so I’ll tell her about this, I think she will like it a lot, thank you for this information! Plus those links to past versions of this study.

Sara Qualls April 5, 2022 - 3:41 pm

Thank you, Otto! That made my day 🙂


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