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Eight Chrome Extensions and Sites You May Not Know (September 2021)

by Sara Qualls

It’s been a busy month around here, with all of the staff in full swing planning for the 2022 TCEA Convention & Exposition. Consequently, we’re just going to jump right into all of the good website and Chrome extension finds for September.

Chrome Extensions to Try

QR Code Generator and Beautification Studio. With this extension, you can design, color, and decorate QR codes, including framing them by shape. I imagine some great possibilities and organization happening with this tool. Perhaps you’ll be color-coding by subject or lesson plan? Time for those with a Type A personality to go nuts!

chrome extension

Sortd for Gmail. Are you a list lover like me? Do you use Gmail as your primary email client? Say “hello” to Sortd for Gmail. This is a pretty simple add-on, but I love its visual for seeing what needs to be addressed next inside of Gmail. For example, I receive a lot of notifications for comments from Google Docs. I can’t get to these right away, but mentally I need to set them to the side to address later. This gives me a visual to let me know what I’ve put to the side so that I can focus on my current task. There are many more ways to use this tool that I haven’t even tapped into, so be sure to let me know how you end up using it by commenting on this post.

chrome extension

Boxel Rebound. Need a brain break? Try this box-jumping game that is surprisingly addictive. You’ve been warned!

React: Emoji, GIFs & Filters for Google Meet. Not only does this extension give you those video filters for mornings where you just didn’t have it in you to do your full-on routine, but it also allows you to react with emojis or GIFs without interrupting the speaker. This extension adds a toolbar to your screen that is only visible during video calls.

Wordtune – AI-Powered Writing Companion. Sometimes the struggle is real when it comes to finding another way to say whatever you are thinking. That’s where Wordtune comes to the rescue. It understands what you’re trying to say and suggests ways that can help make your writing clear and a bit more authentic. Give it a try!

Must-Visit Websites

Taco Spin. Yes, that’s right, tacos. Sure, it’s pretty mindless, but it’s a taco, and who doesn’t love tacos? It even counts the number of times you watched it spin, so if you need to feel like you’ve accomplished something, there is that.

All That’s Interesting. This website offers you something interesting to read every day. From history to news to science, there is something for everyone. However, this site is not appropriate for student use as sometimes the news stories may be too serious.

Fun Trivia. If you are a fan of all things trivia, then check out the site. It is the world’s largest trivia website with over 150,000 quizzes, including K-12 educational quizzes. Plus, it also houses thousands of crossword puzzles, challenges, and other games.

As always, please shout it out in the comments if you find any of these useful. I love to hear how you are using these tools or sites. Additionally, don’t forget to share extensions and sites that I need to check out for myself. Until next month!

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