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Customize Your Wakelet Collection with Google and Canva

by Miguel Guhlin

Are you a Wakelet designer? You may be if you’re adding dividers and banners to your Wakelet collection. Mrs. Reams has a Wakelet collection that inserts dividers. While you can grab images off the web, you can also make your own using some familiar tools. Come along and explore what’s possible.

Wakelet Image Sizing

Wakelet Meta Collections

Most people know how easy it is to create a Wakelet collection, whether on your smartphone using the app or using a web browser. But did you know you can use tools like Canva and Google Drawings to make dividers? This can be handy for those who have chosen to use Wakelet for newsletters and e-portfolios. Others may be using it for student resumes, to showcase student work, and more.

Want to introduce a colleague to Wakelet, but not sure how? Encourage them to sign up for TCEA’s Wakelet Educator course. The online, self-paced course was designed by @TxTechChick (Tisha Poncio) and is available now. Upon completion of the course, earn a digital badge and certificate with CPE credit.

One of my favorite uses of Wakelet includes creating meta collections. Wakelet meta collections involve setting up individual Wakelet collections and adding the links for each collection to another collection. In this way, you end up with several collections in one– a meta collection. It makes sense to organize many bookmarks and links into smaller collections in this way.

Here’s an example of a meta collection I made featuring how to improve brain cognition. It offers links and resources for nutrition, sleep, and exercise.

wakelet design
wakelet design

Now, imagine incorporating informative dividers to separate the meta collection into chunks.

Wakelet Collection Dividers

To see it in action, let’s take a look at Mrs. Brandi Reams’ collection (@b_reamswpa). You can see that she has done a wonderful job creating a custom cover image:

wakelet design

Not only does she have a custom cover image, but she has also included dividers throughout. Some look like this one:

wakelet design

While others are a bit narrower, intended to be section headers:

wakelet design

Aren’t those amazing? Additionally, as I mentioned before, you can make them in Google Drawings or use a popular tool like Canva. Access copyright-free media tools via this Wakelet collection.

Making Dividers in Google Drawings

wakelet design

To save some time, I decided to make the dividers in Google Drawings. While it would be simple to say, “Hey, this is so easy,” the truth is, you may want to start with a template Drawings document. With this in mind, I am providing these resources:

wakelet design

(Get a copy of Google Drawing for your own use)

Hopefully, these two templates can save you some time when you go to create a divider next.

Making Dividers in Canva

As Emily Hopkins pointed out in this blog entry, Canva for Education: The Ultimate Template Tool, Canva makes designing easy. To assist us in using Canva for Wakelet dividers, consider these resources:

Jennifer’s resource includes links to Katherine Fielding’s sizing for Wakelet Cover images, profile images, and section dividers. It’s worth exploring. I hope you enjoy creating your own Wakelet cover images, dividers, and meta collections using these tools.

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