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Eight Chrome Extensions and Sites You May Not Know (April 2021)

by Sara Qualls
8 chrome extensions and websites you may not know april 2021 TCEA

Last month, I shared some of my new favorite chrome add-ons, extensions, and sites. I’ve scoured the web and am back with some finds that you may not be familiar with. Let’s jump right into making life a little more fun and interactive.

Chrome Extensions to Try

Text Blaze. Want to save time? Of course, you do. This Chrome extension is here to help! Do you ever find yourself asking the same questions over and over again? Or maybe you’re giving the same detailed comments to someone’s assignment progress? Use Text Blaze to create keyboard shortcuts for custom text.

magic rainbow unicorn add-on

Magic Rainbow Unicorns Slides. First off, the name alone is a win. This add-on will allow you to change font colors or highlight with just a click. Just select the text and watch the magic happen! Most importantly, it will certainly catch the reader’s eye.

Grade Transferer. If you find yourself transferring grades from one platform to another, you will love this one.

Custom Cursor for Chrome. Tired of that boring arrow? Swap it out with another icon. They have a huge collection to choose from.

Must-Visit Websites

silk website art
Art created on Silk

Silk. Here’s another site to help you create some art. Move your mouse around, click, and watch the magic start to form.

Wake It Up. This one may help you overcome boredom or achieve true procrastination. You have sixty seconds to use the tools given to wake up the website. Enjoy!

Species in Pieces. Want to learn more about endangered species? This is an interactive exhibit that teaches you why the species is endangered as it forms.

shark tracker website

Ocearch Shark Tracker. Curious as to where all the sharks hang out? Or maybe you have an upcoming vacation and you just want to make sure that sharks don’t frequent the area? Try this shark tracker to see where they are and where they like to hang out.

Have an add-on, extension, or website you can’t live without? Share it with me in the comments and it could make the list next month.

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Patty April 20, 2021 - 8:57 am

This is perfect for this time of
the year. Thanks for the fun ideas. 🙂

Sara Qualls April 23, 2021 - 12:34 pm

Thanks! Let me know if you have ones I should check out for next month. Have fun out there!


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