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Eight Chrome Extensions and Sites You May Not Know (July 2022)

by Sara Qualls

It’s almost the end of July, which means Target has killed that summer vibe by already putting out school supplies and back-to-school items. I’m sorry about that, but there’s still fun to be had in July! Hopefully, you can sit back, relax, and enjoy these extensions and sites during these last days of summer.

Chrome Extensions to Try

Dualless. We can’t always have a second monitor, and that’s where Dualless comes in to save the day. Dubbed as the “poor man’s dual monitor solution,” it splits your browser windows into two. You can then easily adjust to the size you need.

Magical Text Expander. Save time by creating shortcuts to text that you commonly use. Tired of typing in your address, phone number, or email? This extension is here to help.

Google Dictionary. Yes, you could just “google” the word you are looking to define, but this extension makes your life a tad easier because you don’t have to open up another tab. To get the meaning of the word, you just double-click, and the definition will appear.

GlotDojo. With GlotDojo, you get rid of the need for switching between tabs trying to translate. It even will translate movie subtitles without you having to leave the tab you are in. Plus, you can just click to look up a word in another language.

Pic-in-pic for Chrome Browser. You can now bring this well-loved feature found on mobile phones to your computer. The extension allows you to watch videos in a floating window while still browsing the internet.

Must-Visit Websites

Find the Invisible Cow. You’ll want to make sure you’re audio on before taking a brain break with this site. Think of it as a web version game of Marco Polo. If cows aren’t you’re animal, you can select another animal to find. To date, over 74 million have been found globally. Moo!

Stellarium. If you live in a location where you can’t just step outside to see the starry night, check out Stellarium. You’ll need location services turned on, but it will give you a look into the constellations and planets that you should be able to see from your location.

Internet Live Stats. I am sure you have heard more than once about the millions of people that are really on the internet at any given moment. This site gives you a real-time look into how many internet users, tweets that are being sent, Google searches, emails sent, and more that are happening right now.

Remember, I love to hear about an extension you are using or if you had a great time finding invisible animals.

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