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Eight Chrome Extensions and Sites You May Not Know (June 2022)

by Sara Qualls

June has arrived! Hopefully, you have slid right into your summer vacation. Summer is for soaking up time with no alarm clocks and afternoons by the pool, and I hope you’re taking full advantage. Let’s jump right into some great extensions and sites!

Chrome Extensions to Try

Text Mode. Are you someone who gets distracted by the pretty colors and images on the screen? Text Mode helps you focus and concentrate on what you really care about– the text.

Additor. It’s time to actually organize all those random notes and reads that you were saving for later. Additor lets you easily collect content from the web. I like this one because of the multiple highlighting options. Organizing into folders and subfolders is just an added bonus.

Meow, the Cat Pet. Now you can have the joys of having a pet cat without having a pet cat. Loved by more than 200,000 users, this extension is pretty simple. It’s just a virtual cat that walks on your screen while you’re browsing. Meow.

Arcade Classics. Revisit your childhood with this browser extension. There are nine classic games to play from Pacman to Minesweeper. A perfect activity for a summer afternoon of avoiding the sizzling summer heat.

BeeLine Reader. Want to read faster? This extension uses a gradient to guide your peepers from the end of one line to the beginning of the next. Apparently, this simple task allows people to read 20-30% faster. Keep this one in your back pocket for students as it has shown to increase reading fluency and comprehension for all grade levels!

Must-Visit Websites

MuscleWiki. Don’t want to go to the gym? But you still want to exercise? MuscleWiki can become your very own virtual gym trainer. This site leads you to human anatomy and is really simple to use. You just click on the muscle you want to work on and it will give you exercises to try.

100,000 Stars. This website is part of Google Experiments and will leave you in wonder. Take a tour and dive deep into all things space.

My Fridge Food. Confession! I hate having to figure out dinner every single night of my life. So, if you are anything like me and not sure what to cook, you’ll love My Fridge Food. Just check off what ingredients you actually do have in your fridge and it will give you options of what to make for your next meal. If you really end up loving this, it is now in app form too!

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