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Eight Chrome Extensions and Sites You May Not Know (May 2022)

by Sara Qualls

Can you believe it? June is just moments away. I can feel it! Let’s break into summer vacation with a little more organization so we can amp up the chaos in other areas of our lives. Here I offer you a few extensions and sites for organization, but I also sprinkle in a few for fun.

Chrome Extensions to Try

Google Translate. Most of us are already familiar with this tool since it’s built into many social media sites. Now you can translate any page as you browse with this extension. As Emily, our Communications Specialist and former French educator, would say, “Allons-y, mes amis!”

Todoist for Chrome. If you are a listmaker like myself, stop what you are doing and download this one right now. Not only is this great for making ordinary lists but it also lets you organize by day and category.

Tab Manager Plus. I know I am not alone in having 34 tabs open right now. Can I get a silent nod in agreement that this is just one habit I may never break? Tab Manager Plus has been coined the Marie Kondo for your Chrome tabs. The biggest thought they put behind this extension was speed, and it shows!

Click and Clean. Step right up to the plate if you are one of those people who never clear their browsing data or their cache and cookies. This one is for you! With a simple click, it can delete browser history, erase temporary files, and so much more.

Clockify Time Tracker. Sometimes the best way to boost your productivity is to figure out where your time is going. This extension helps to do that by tracking the time you spend anywhere on the web. Data will gather, and you can analyze what’s eating up most of your time. Warning: You may not like your results.

Must-Visit Websites

Vsauce. Love learning? Who do I think I’m talking to? Of course, you do! Vsauce takes all the best YouTube education and science channels and puts them in one place for you to learn.

The Moth. Are you a people fan like me? Well if you are, this website will have you eating up stories from all points of view. “Moth Stories” are told by the storyteller, and they’re always told live. Get ready for some amazingness.

This Is My Website Now. “A hodge-podge of the useful, the useless, and the everywhere-in-between.” I couldn’t have said it any better, so I won’t even try. This site is great for short break.

Now just because summer is almost here doesn’t mean that I won’t be here. Don’t leave me hanging! Make sure you come back for June’s edition with a summer twist.

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