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TechNotes Podcast #1: Drones and the Law

by Miguel Guhlin

Listen to the TechNotes Podcast #1

Listen at SoundCloud or Save/Get MP3 featuring Mark Simmons, Sabine Pass ISD,
on the topic of “Drones and the Law.”

mark showing off example of Phantom 3 drones

Shown Above: Mark Simmons (@t3chl0gic), Director of Technology for Sabine Pass ISD, holding the Phantom Drone Quadcopter

Welcome to the TCEA inaugural podcast. My name is Miguel Guhlin, and I just had to share something that happened recently with you. If you haven’t had the opportunity to control a drone in flight, then you’ve been missing out. When my son and I flew a drone, using the free Tickle app on an iPhone to program its movement, you could feel the excitement. There’s nothing so exciting as seeing your programming come alive in the movements of a drone.

Yet, as schools start acquiring drones, we need to make every effort to consider federal law relevant to their flight. That’s why when I had the opportunity to find out more about this area, I decided it would be worth recording it for our TCEA TechNotes blog audience!

At the Spring 2016 Technology in Education Coordinators Special Interest Group (TEC-SIG) meeting, President Joel Adkins suggested I interview Mark Simmons. Earlier that morning, I’d gulped as Mark Simmons (@t3chl0gic) flew a Phantom drone quadcopter over my head with the whir of the four propeller blades and the breeze they generated shifting papers on the desks of the assembled audience members.

drones in airLater, I caught up with Mark and asked him what Joel had been referring to. He proceeded to share the conversation, which I promptly recorded using the Voxer app on my mobile phone and then saved for quick editing later.

Thanks for listening to this TCEA podcast featuring Mark Simmons from Sabine Pass ISD. You can find a copy of the show notes, with links to all the apps Mark mentioned, online at www.tcea.org/blog, which is the TCEA TechNotes Blog. There is lots of great material there, and it’s been celebrated as one of the top 50 blogs to read online for 2016!

Also, be sure not to miss any of our upcoming events this summer. Some amazing learning will be happening at the TCEA Maker events, Tots and Technology Conferences taking place in Galveston and Frisco in June, as well as the TCEA academies. If you’re a TCEA member, don’t be afraid to sign up for the free Lunch and Learn webinars, Get Your Google On webinars, and more online at www.tcea.org/events. Not a TCEA member yet? Join up at www.tcea.org/join.

Stay tuned for our next podcast in June.

Listen to the TechNotes Podcast #1

(MP3 version)

Show Links:

  1. Tickle App (@tickleapp)
  2. Drone Blocks
  3. Know Before You Fly
  4. Phantom Drone Quadcopter ($499)
  5. Parrot Spider Drone ($60)

Did you know?

Did you know that with the free Tickle app, which works on your iOS device, you can program and fly multiple devices? Here’s what it looks like:programming drones with TickleApp

And you can watch this video of Miguel Angel Perez (@maperez324) sharing how they are using TickleApp to control BB8, the Star Wars roly-poly robot.

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