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TCEA Certification Graduates for Spring 2016

by Dr. Bruce Ellis
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TCEA currently offers several distinct certification programs to assist educators in becoming more proficient in specific areas. Three specific certifications (Campus Technologist, 21st Century Administrator, and Technology/IT Director) consist of required coursework, a final project, and a portfolio. Coursework within these certifications takes place via a combination of live webinars, online courses, and/or face-to-face trainings. While each certification begins in September, anyone can join at any time during the year and jump in with the coursework and catch any missed courses when they are repeated or the following fall. Our newest certifications (Chromebook Level 1 and iPad Level 1) consist of self-paced coursework culminating in a final lesson plan submitted to demonstrate integration of information learned.

Below is the list of people who have completed their certification during the Spring of 2016. They did an amazing job and should be congratulated on their success!

Campus Technology Specialist Certification

This certification is designed for campus educators wanting to develop and demonstrate abilities to integrate technology effectively and build capacity at the local campus level. This certification is designed for teachers, librarians, and technology specialists. Graduates for Spring 2016 earning this certification include:

  • Lyndsey Blackstock, Brazosport ISD
  • Christie Burns, Brazosport ISD
  • Katie Chirhart, Caddo Parish, LA
  • Annette Clark, Sheldon ISD
  • Bryn Hagemeister, Dallas ISD
  • Cynthia Johansen, Brazosport ISD
  • Kristen Leonard, Brazosport ISD
  • Megan Miller, Winnsboro ISD
  • Michelle Moreland, Lamar CISD
  • Emily Turner, Liberty Hill ISD
  • Janelle Safford, Winnsboro, ISD
  • Misty Wilson, Brazosport ISD


21st Century Administrator Certification

This certification is designed for district administrators, campus principals, assistant principals, teachers, and librarians wanting to develop strategic leadership skills to ensure that effective and engaging 21st century educational technology learning experiences for students are being provided and to change classroom instruction to match the needs of today’s students. Graduates for Spring 2016 earning this certification include:

  • Sally Wilson, All Saints Episcopal School, Beaumont
  • Becky Zalenik, Sheldon ISD


Technology/IT Director Certification

This certification is designed for educators who wish to become (or already are) district-level technology or IT directors by developing skills to lead staff and students in the effective visioning, implementation, and use of educational technology. Graduates for Spring 2016 earning this certification include:

  • Randall Bakos, Dallas ISD
  • Ronald Byrd, San Antonio ISD


NEW! Chromebook Certification (Level 1)

This certification is to help classroom teachers build foundational skills in using the Chromebook as an effective instructional tool with their students. This program is completely online and self-paced, making it convenient for educators with busy schedules. Graduates for Spring 2016 earning this certification include:

  • Laura Howard, San Angelo ISD
  • Lauren Hickman, Lubbock ISD
  • Kayla Burgoon, Lubbock ISD
  • Scott Firenza, Lubbock ISD


More information about certifications that TCEA offers can be found here. If you have questions about any of the certifications, you can always contact Dr. Bruce Ellis at bellis@tcea.org or by calling 512.450.5396.

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Peggy Reimers June 4, 2016 - 6:48 pm

Congratulations to my CTS Cert Peeps! It was such an honor to help all 12 of you wind up your certification classes for the Campus Technology Specialist certification. Please let me know if you need anything in the upcoming days, weeks, months and years. preimers@tcea.org


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