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TCEA’s Top 20 Blog Posts

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Written by Lori Gracey

Time is a valuable commodity in today’s education world. This blog can save you a little as we highlight the top 20 blog posts from TCEA in the past year.

top 20With all of the amazing information that’s currently available to each of us on the internet, it can sometimes be very hard to find the real gems. To assist with that, I’d like to share what tens of thousands of educational blog readers thought was most valuable via our Top 20 Blog Posts list. See if any of these resources resonate with you!



For Fun and Creativity, Try a Digital Sign Generator: Looking to add a little flair to student words and presentations? Try a digital sign generator. It will make your titles and headings pop!


Math Tools for Chrome: This blog will showcase some of the many powerful math tools that your students (and you!) can use with the Chrome browser.


Four Things NOT to Do on the First Day of School: The first day of school can be critical in setting the tone for the whole year. Learn exactly what NOT to do to ensure your students are successful!


Teaching Kids (and Adults) About Clickbait: As if email spam wasn’t bad enough, we now have website spam in the form of clickbait. Learn some ways to identify and then ignore this big time waster.


A New Type of Writing Prompt: Elementary teachers, looking for a fun way to get kids to write? Try this emoji writing prompt generator. Your students will love it!


Learning from Your Peers with Pineapple Charts: Where can educators learn best how to be better at what they do? From other educators, of course. And using a pineapple chart makes scheduling that learning simple and convenient.


ClassroomScreen: You Will Love This Resource!: If you think you don’t need any more amazing resources for your classroom, think again. ClassroomScreen is simple, but life changing for a teacher!


Four Tips for Green Screen in the Classroom: If you aren’t taking advantage of green screen to add depth to project-based learning in your classroom, then you will want to read this primer on how to get started. In this entry, we take the direct route to inexpensive green screen tools and offer real examples from classrooms.


Wondrous Ways to Use Google Drawings: The next time you need to cover standards where students must explain, diagram, justify, develop, plan, and describe, consider using Google Drawings. Find out how in this post.


The Pringles Challenge: A Fun-Filled STEM Activity: One of my favorite tasks at TCEA is to find GOOD resources for teachers, and the following STEM activity is definitely one I would add to my lesson plan book.


Take Advantage of the Power of Google Forms for Perfect Rubrics: Get rid of your old paper rubrics and embrace Google Forms as a way for students to evaluate each other and themselves. This will simplify your grading and make the process simpler for students.


10 Chrome-ifying Tips and Tricks: Learn how to power up your Chrome browser usage with these tips and tricks that require no extensions or add-ons, just plain Chrome goodness!


Best Parodies for Teachers: If you are a teacher and you like parodies of popular songs, then you’ll want to check out this list to add to your collection for enjoyment.


Forms Smackdown: Google vs. Microsoft: The growth and use of online forms to gather and disseminate data has reached K-12 schools. But which form, Google or Microsoft, offers the most features?


Classroom Smackdown: Google vs. Microsoft: Compare the top two Learning Management Systems currently available to schools in this smackdown between Google Classroom and Microsoft Classroom.


Digitizing Cornell Note-Taking with OneNote: If you’re a fan of OneNote, then you’ll want to add these templates and tips to your collection to make it even stronger and more personalized.


Alexa: Your New Teacher Assistant: Get a jump start on Alexa, one of the newest technologies, and how it can be used in your classroom to reinforce content and fun!


Lesson Planning: 5E Model + Technology: Lesson planning remains a tool for teachers to use to make sure they are covering the required material. If you follow the 5E Model for planning and add technology to it, you end up with a very powerful way to bring the curriculum to life for all students.


Google Templates for Students: Looking for a template to get your students started on a project? We’ve found some great Google Docs and Slides templates to use as they are or change up to match your classroom.

And finally, drum roll please!


Free Templates for PowerPoint/Google Slides: Looking for ways to beautify your slide presentations? We have the perfect place for you to download gorgeous, free templates.


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