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Best Parodies for Teachers

by Dr. Bruce Ellis

Are you a secret singer? I am. That doesn’t mean that I’m ready for prime time, but you never know when you’ll have your moment. As I travel to provide professional development to schools, I often stay at hotels. Rarely am I put on the first floor, which means I get to ride the elevator. I say “get to” because that’s where I think I sing the best. I only perform, though, if there is no one on the elevator with me – I’m a soloist, you see. I usually hum the note of the elevator ding and then warm up with a scale going up and then back down. Hopefully, I have time to continue after the warm-up and get to sing a song.

You may not be a secret elevator singer, but you will find these tunes memorable. They are made even better since they’ve been turned into parodies that we can relate to as educators. Some you might share with your class while others may be more appropriate for the start of a faculty meeting to get teachers pumped up for learning and networking. Without further adieu, here are my favorite song parodies for educators.

Image of smart phone playing musicWhat would you add to the list? Has your school or department created a parody of a song to showcase the work that you do? If so, share it in the comments below and let others enjoy your production. In the meantime, if you hear singing while you are waiting for the elevator, it might just be me.

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