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Digitizing Cornell Note-Taking with OneNote

by Miguel Guhlin
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Earlier this summer, I received an email from Port Arthur ISD teacher, Hope Scott. Hope shared the following:

Our campus uses Cornell Notes, and I’d love to see/share what it looks like in OneNote.


Looking for a Cornell Note-taking template to use in OneNote? Take a look at this short video tutorial (scroll to Relevant Links section at blog’s end and click on link #3) on how to get them. There are various Cornell Notes templates online, as well as note-taking templates you can use that are built into OneNote.  Let’s take a quick look, shall we?

OneNote Page Templates

You can find templates in OneNote 2016. These are located in OneNote 2016 under the Insert menu as Page Templates. In the screenshot, you can see more Page Templates, including some decorative ones. This is well-worth exploring.

Image 563

If you switch to View menu, you can also make further adjustments that affect page color and/or Rule Lines. You can also decide what kind of paper you want to see appear in your OneNote Notebook, whether it will just be a blank white sheet of paper or include ruled lines.

Other Sources for OneNote Templates

In the video linked at the bottom of this blog entry, I’ll be showing you some of those templates, as well as where you can find some templates that I’ve pulled off the web. I hope these tips will save you some time. Before going much further, I definitely want to credit the awesome work the OneNoteGem.com folks have done in preparing this and many other formats. You definitely need to pay them a visit and see what else they have. To save educators effort and confusion (that’s good, right?), I’ve taken the liberty of placing a variety of templates online.

When you go there, you will see a OneDrive space where you can right click and save files to your computer. For the purposes of this video, I’ll be using OneNote 2016. Right-click and save the template you want (for example, Cornell Note-Taking) to your Windows device. Then double-click on it and choose to open it with OneNote 2016. It will open as a loose section.

From this point, you can copy and paste it into another OneNote 2016 Notebook, including a Class Notebook. Once there, you can also choose to distribute it to your students. That’s pretty much all there is to it! Have questions? Don’t hesitate to leave them as a comment below and I’ll get back to you with an answer.

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