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Seven Reasons You MUST Attend TCEA 2017

by Lori Gracey

I’ve attended a lot of conferences in my educational career: 34 TCEA Conventions & Expositions, seven Tots and Technology conferences, four System Admin conferences, and literally hundreds of other great learning events put on by various associations and groups. I strongly believe in the power of educators meeting together to share expertise and common problems, in the need for networking and finding solutions together, and in the desire to continually “sharpen our saw” so that what we do in classrooms and schools every day makes a meaningful difference for kids.

I know that all of you reading this blog believe the same. That’s why I want to encourage you to attend the TCEA 2017 Convention & Exposition in Austin February 6-10, 2017. More than just a convention, this event every year is a major learning experience for dedicated educators from around the globe. And it’s just downright fun, too! Here are the top seven reasons why you simply MUST attend!

Reason #7:

Everyone wants to hang out with rock stars. And at the TCEA convention, we’ll have the most famous ed tech stars in the world. Accost them in the bathroom, stalk them in sessions, and put a face to a name of your Twitter have-to-follows. This is your chance to rub shoulders and learn from the best and the brightest gurus in our field.

Reason #6:

TCEA 2017You need more swag for your classroom because you’ve already gone through all of the things you bought from Oriental Trading Company for your students for the entire year. TCEA’s amazing exhibitors and the wacky board members who present the First Timers’ sessions always have the best toys and giveaways that will restock your supply closet and make you the most popular teacher on campus.

Reason #5:

There are still a couple of iPad apps or Chrome extensions that you don’t know about, but might be able to use with your kids or staff. TCEA’s presenters are carefully selected for their outstanding knowledge and up-to-date expertise in the integration of all kinds of technologies, including apps, extensions, websites, Web 2.0 tools, social media, and much, much more.

Reason #4:

In the most steps competition with your campus, you are lagging far behind the PE teachers and coaches. Come walk the Austin Convention Center with its 881,400 square feet and its six city blocks, and you’ll leave them lagging in the dust.

Reason #3:

You won’t feel like a nerd or geek with the crowd at TCEA. Everyone there will have multiple devices, numerous dongles, and will understand your frantic, desperate rush to find an electrical outlet in the next five minutes.

TCEA 2017Reason #2:

You’ve been thinking about repapering your dining room, but can’t really afford new wallpaper. At the TCEA convention, you can grab handfuls of ribbons to wear from your badge all the way down to the floor, and then use them afterwards to redecorate.

Reason #1:

Whether you are an administrator, a librarian, a technician, a teacher, a paraprofessional, or a parent, you want to make the world better for the children you come in contact with each day. Learn from others with the same goal at TCEA 2017, discover new and effective ways to engage students, and ensure that your daily work is based on best practice and the latest research.

I look forward to seeing each of you in Austin the first week of February!


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