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TCEA Responds: Membership Renewal

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Written by Miguel Guhlin

TCEA Responds is a new way for you to ask questions and have our team research answers for you. This issue focuses on membership renewal.

Welcome to TCEA Responds #5.  Submit your own question(s) online. Today’s topic is membership renewal.

Dear TCEA Responds:

Hello, I am wondering if my membership gets renewed with the registration of attendance to TCEA Tech for Tots conference this summer again?

Thank you, Hilda

Dear Hilda:

Great question, Hilda. Before I respond to that question, let’s quickly revisit membership benefits:

TCEA Membership Benefits

For less than you spend on a movie outing with your family, you’ll enjoy a year of membership packed with great resources and learning opportunities, including:

  • Professional Learning Sessions and Professional Learning Network (PLN)
    • 80+ hours a year of learning opportunities on technology integration, best practices, innovative trends, and new tools
    • Membership in the TCEA Social Community
    • Access to online and in-person learning events
  • Key Resources and Publications
    • Daily list of educational iOS apps gone free
    • Recommended iOS and Android App List
    • TechNotes, TCEA’s bimonthly online newsletter and blog
    • TechEdge, TCEA’s print and digital magazine
    • Free SketchUp Pro license ($490 value)
  • Other Awesome  Benefits
    • TCEA’s Annual Educator Awards and Scholarships
    • Discounts at participating theme parks
    • A curated, technology-specific job board

When Membership Is Renewed

Here are some of the ways that you can receive membership in TCEA:

Attend TCEA Conference Events

  • TCEA Annual Convention & Exposition – This is the annual conference that takes place in February each year.
  • Tots and Technology Conference – Two events taking place in Galveston and Arlington.
  • Academies – These events include the Adobe Academy, Campus Technology Specialist Academy,  Chromebook Academy, System Administrator and Technical Support Conference, Technology Leadership Academy, and Productivity Tools for Administrators.

Register for Professional Development Sessions

  • When your district or organization purchases an on-site professional development session, session participants become members.

Take Advantage of Membership Options

  • Bulk Memberships Available – Campuses that purchase five or more individual memberships receive a discounted membership rate. To take advantage of these savings, complete the Bulk Membership Form.
  • Become a member yourself at incredible rates for regular, student, and retired educators.

The Short Answer

The short answer to your question, Hilda, is “Yes.” Attending the TCEA Tots and Technology Conference will renew access to all the wonderful benefits TCEA makes available to its members.


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Miguel Guhlin

Director of Professional Development at TCEA
A former director of technology, Miguel brings a unique perspective to TCEA’s professional development team. He specializes in Microsoft’s educational products and has extensive instructional technology experience. A prolific writer, Miguel blogs at Around the Corner and for TCEA’s TechNotes Blog. Miguel earned both his Master’s degree in Bicultural/Bilingual Studies with an ESL Concentration and his B.A. at University of Texas, San Antonio.

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