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System Admins Are Crucial to Education

by Andrew Roush
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This year marks the 21st annual commemoration of System Administrator Appreciation Day, or SysAdmin Day, on July 31st. It’s a time to celebrate the people who make our devices and networks run, and who make learning with ed tech possible.

Here’s what you should know about the occasion and about TCEA’s own celebration of systems administration excellence: the 2020 TCEA System Administrator and Technical Support Conference, October 20–21, in Galveston, or anywhere online.

A Day to Remember

Since it started in 1999, SysAdmin Day has been infused with heart and humor, as those who rely on tech support (read: everyone) gets the chance to show their appreciation for those who make our work possible.

The celebration began when a system administrator began gently ribbing his coworkers about how much they relied on his work, and quickly, the company’s annual July barbecue became SysAdmin Day, now formally known as System Administrator Appreciation Day

In the words of SysAdminDay.com:

Oh, it’s only the single greatest 24 hours on the planet… and pretty much the most important holiday of the year. It’s also the perfect opportunity to pay tribute to the heroic men and women who, come rain or shine, prevent disasters, keep IT secure and put out tech fires left and right.


How should we celebrate these network ninjas, these wizards of the web? Again, the organizers have some suggestions:

This is the day that all fellow System Administrators across the globe, will be showered with expensive sports cars and large piles of cash in appreciation of their diligent work. But seriously, we are asking for a nice token gift and some public acknowledgement. It’s the least you could do. …

Please share your Sysadmin Day celebration photos.  Post your photos on Facebook, Flickr, Reddit, Twitter, and your preferred social media.  Always use the tag #SysAdminDay.


Over the years, the day has been marked with songs, skits, and jokes, all meant to remind people of the importance of the professionals who fix downed servers on the weekends, answer tech support questions, and otherwise keep modern education running.

Check out previous posts about SysAdmin Day here and here for more ideas on how to celebrate.

A Conference for Tech Wizards

Like all professionals, system administrators and tech support pros benefit from sharing the latest insights in their field. With many schools teaching remotely, the importance of system administration is clearer than ever.

That’s why TCEA hosts the System Administration and Tech Support Conference, October 20–21, 2020. This hybrid online and in-person event is designed for tech-savvy education professionals with sessions from your most forward-thinking peers and the brightest minds in educational technology. A comprehensive array of topics covers the real-world problems you encounter and offers useful solutions. Plus, you can choose whether to take part on the island in Galveston or online from wherever you are.

Ready to level-up you work this school year? Check out TCEA’s SysAdmin conference and register here.

Photo by Thomas Jensen on Unsplash

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