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The Big List of Remote Learning Social Studies Resources

by Andrew Roush
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Earlier this week, we took a look a several places educators can find engaging STEM and STEAM resources designed for remote learning. In this post, we’ll delve into some useful compilations, ideas, and sites dedicated to teaching social studies subjects like history, economics, geography, government, sociology, and more.

Best Practices

In Education Week, educators Mike Kaechele, Lynette Yorgason, and Jennifer Hitchcock share their tips and experience with project-based learning (PBL), remote teaching in general, and the tools and techniques they use.

Departmental Communications

Education agencies across the U.S. have worked to compile accessible resources for teachers and student facing massive shifts in education and everyday life. In Delaware, the Department of Education has put together a list of interactive resources, along with “Grab and Go” packets for teachers. You can also explore social studies professional learning opportunities as organized by the Maine Department of Education.

Ten Top Treasure Troves

The Edvocate has put together a list of 10 timely social studies sites for remote learning and teaching. This list notably links to large repositories of links or activities.

Watch and Learn

Mr. and Mrs. Social Studies is a YouTube channel dedicated to sharing ideas and strategies for social studies teaching. Check out their video on distance learning to get inspired to create exciting new ways to teach social studies topics.

Public Resources

PBS Learning Media has a vast array of videos, interactive lessons and pages, lesson plans, and audio/video resources that can be organized and filtered by topic, grade level, and type.

Using Common Sense

Common Sense Education, a nonprofit dedicated to vetting educational materials, offers a collection of the top 10 social studies tools for elementary learners, as well as 44 different social studies apps and websites.

Take a Field Trip

A virtual field trip can be a great way to explore history and society, as well as integrate other humanities subjects like art into social studies education. Check out our collections of virtual field trips in TCEA’s home state of Texas and around the world.

More Interactive Social Studies Resources from TCEA

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