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Tips, Tricks, and Tech Tidbits – Part 3

by Lori Gracey

Here are a few more cool ideas for teaching and learning that I’ve discovered recently. You can read my previous tips and tricks here and here.

Online Math Manipulatives

If you’re needing some math manipulatives that don’t have to be wiped down after each use, check out these that are perfect for virtual learning. The first is Base-10 Blocks for Google Slides by Mike Flynn (make your own copy here). The second is a great Google Doc by the Techie Teacher (Julie Smith) that acts an an interactive center with links to all kinds of ways to learn math.

Make Yourself Happy

Want to encourage your brain to release chemicals that make us happy? Take a look at the activities below that will accomplish exactly that.

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Another Way to Take a Break

And while we’re on the subject of staying happy during these difficult times, take a look at WindowSwap. This website allows you to look out the window from different locations all around the world. Some of the windows even have sounds with them. I found it very relaxing and a nice break.

SEL Strategies

Checking in on how your students are feeling is critical, especially when everyone is apart. This article has five Social Emotional Learning (SEL) ways to see how your students are feeling, including printable mood cards.

Digital Notebooks

SlidesMania has created a nice set of free digital notebooks for both PowerPoint and Google Slides. These would be most appropriate for 5th through 12th graders and can be customized as to color and view (portrait or landscape). To use them, the teacher would first add your own titles/assignments and then have students make a copy of them to use.

Great Poster for Your Virtual Classroom

Theresa Wills has created this fabulous poster on what students can expect from their teacher. It would look great in your virtual classroom!

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School-Safe Meme Generator Using Google Drawings

One clever teacher had her students create memes for each of the standard school rules they must follow. She created a Google Drawings template for them to use and the students loved the activity. To make it safe, a variety of images were included on the side of the slide and they could only use those.

Teacher Rachel Michael has created an amazing Padlet of resources for elementary students and their teachers. The Padlet is divided into categories (virtual field trips, movement breaks, read alouds, creating art, reading online, podcasts to listen to, self care, science, and more). In each category, there are then tons of great links, all of which are free. Rachel also has another Padlet on the Genius Hour projects her third grade students did (be patient; it takes a little bit to fully load).

I hope you found at least one of these tips and tricks useful. I’ll be back soon with even more!

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Donna Norton September 4, 2020 - 4:26 am

Exercising + walking in nature under the sunny weather = a perfect mood booster for me 😉


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