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Top Five iOS Apps for Math

by Peggy Reimers
Two students with an ipad.

Math has never been my strong suit; too bad I wasn’t born 35 years later in this world…maybe I would have a different mindset when it comes to this subject, especially with the great tech tools available. The iOS apps available for today’s students, teachers, and parents are downright logical, calculating (in a good way), and odds in your favor. Here are a variety of top-notch, free apps I recommend:

5 Dice: Order of Operations Game

Level: 5th – 8th Grade

$ Free

Higher-order thinking game

Students solve a “target” number by working backwards as the answer is displayed not the equation. Reports can be sent to the teacher via email.


Level: All

$ Free

Camera calculator

Point your device camera at a math expression, and this app will instantly display the answer with a step-by-step explanation. Students can use it as a resource to learn math, parents can use it to check their child’s homework, and teachers could use it as a tool to show kids how to solve equations.

The Math Keyboard

Level: Teacher

$ Free

Type math symbols using your iPhone or iPad

The app provides the ability to type mathematical and scientific characters. After downloading the app, follow the step-by-step directions for installing the keyboard on your device. The keyboard will work inside many other apps.

Sushi Monster

Level: 2nd – 5th Grade

$ Free

Entertaining and challenging math app

Students must plan ahead to select numbers to answer addition and multiplication computations. Correct answers earn points, stars, and trophies; choose the incorrect sushi and the monster throws a temper tantrum.

Geoboard, by The Math Learning Center

Level: K – 5th Grade

$ Free

Stretch eight band colors on three boards: 25-peg square, 150-peg rectangle, and 13-peg circular. Ideal to make discoveries about perimeter, area, angles, congruence, and fractions by forming line segments and polygons.


If you need still more great iOS apps and are a member of TCEA, be sure to check out the Recommended iPad Apps List. We have tested and recommend more than 1,800 educational apps, all divided by subject area and then topic. At the website, click on the “Mathematics” tab to see more. And be sure to sign up for the free-to-members webinar iOS Apps for Math on March 2, 2016.

Not a TCEA member? You can still find more recommended math apps on the iOS Resources page of our website. Scroll down to the Free, Must-Have iPad Apps and you’ll find PDFs of apps by subject area, including ones for both elementary and secondary math.

Featured Image by April Bryant from Pixabay

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