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Magic Maker Christmas

by Miguel Guhlin

Around your home, you may have access to everything you need to create a magic maker Christmas holiday. Yet you may not be aware of some inexpensive technologies that can turn your home into Santa’s Toy Shop. And of course, these ideas also translate to the classroom quite well.

Build It!

  • KEVA Planks: Model construction creativity with KEVA Planks, cuboid wooden block toys for children. Explore STEM lessons at https://tinyurl.com/yes7f8m4
  • Play Well with Legos : Use legos to build marble runs, craft poetry bricks and more. And get Lego Digital Designer – https://tinyurl.com/ye4ehvec
  • Makedo Cardboard Kit : Use Makedo to make magical cardboard creations! Find out more at https://www.make.do

Make It Digital!

  • Ozobot : A tiny robot that makes coding approachable for youngsters! http://ozobot.com

Updated with fresh links and image as of December, 2021.

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