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Free, Complete Online Curricula and Resources for ELA and Math

by Lori Gracey

LearnZillion is a free, open, cloud-based curriculum dedicated to championing teachers and creating powerful student learning experiences. It was created by a principal and a former teacher and is aligned to the Common Core standards. It includes the following pieces:

  • Complete math curriculum with lesson plans, detailed instructions, videos, and resources for grades K-8
  • Math video lesson library for grades 2-12
  • Close reading lesson library with read-aloud videos, lesson plans, full texts, and other teacher materials
  • Write-along lessons with a video and student practice sheet with formative assessment for grades 3-8
  • Video lessons by text in reading and writing


The content is completely free and available to any educator simply by creating an account. Because the content is all online, the teacher can even assign playlists and mastery quizzes to students to complete on their own devices or simply project them to the whole class in the one-device classroom. And all of the content is searchable by keyword. A paid district version is also available that aligns curriculum, assessment, and professional development so that teachers can successfully implement the new standards and better meet the needs of their students.

The site is very easy to use and understand. But if you have any questions, here is a PDF explaining how it can be used. And this site offers a short video from the founder about LearnZillion’s purpose.

LearnZillion’s content has been created and vetted by real classroom teachers. So it can be a huge time saver for educators who are struggling to find the best way to teach a particular concept. It also works well in the flipped classroom or as supplemental material for students who need additional practice and assistance.

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