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Eight Things Windows 10 Can Do to Make Your Life Easier

by Dr. Bruce Ellis
Windows 10

We’re all looking for ways to make things easier, to make us more productive, and to let us use our time more wisely. The Windows 10 operating system can help, especially for teachers.

1. Write on a Web Page – Ever find a great resource and wish you could annotate it? With the new Microsoft Edge Browser and the Web Notes feature, you can write, draw, or even doodle on any web page. It also allows you to email the web page to colleagues or your students.

2. Start Menu – Say hello to the re-apperance of the start menu. That’s right, the start menu that you grew up with is back for easy navigation.

3. Oh Snap! – Do you find yourself switching between two programs? Having a rough time adjusting each window so they fit perfectly next to each other? With the snap feature, click on the programs and drag to the left or right. It will fit the window to a split view and offer suggestions for the window to fill the other side.

4. Continuum – Is it a laptop or a tablet? Continuum optimizes your experience on the Surface or 2-in-1 laptop from desktop mode to tablet mode.

5. Free – Windows 10 is a free upgrade. Download the Windows 10 app from the Windows Store.

6. OneNote Classroom Creator – Finding it hard to stay organized with your class? Use OneNote Classroom Creator to organize content for your class and yourself.

7. Remove the Clutter – Reading View is another feature from the new Microsoft Edge browser. It lets you click a button and clean up a web page so that there are no ads, sidebars, or other distracting elements. In short, it gives you just the text of an article. To activate it, simply click the open book icon in the address bar of Microsoft Edge.You can adjust the font size and view in the Settings menu for Edge.

8. Get an Assistant! – In Windows 10, Microsoft includes Cortana, a virtual assistant that is very comparable with Siri or Google Now. You can access Cortana via the search bar at the bottom of your screen or by pressing the Windows key + S. You can even launch her with the “Hey, Cortana” voice command if you enable it in your Cortana settings.


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