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Earn Your GT Hours at TCEA 2020

by Kristy Breaux
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Educators know that each student learns differently. And today, many teachers specialize in a number of important areas, like providing enriched learning experiences to gifted students (GT). 

The 2020 TCEA Convention & Exposition is an event for all educators. That’s why TCEA is helping meet the needs of dedicated educators like you. Not only can attendance at TCEA provide critical professional development in your specialty, but you can also experience a world of informative sessions on all things education. Here’s why TCEA 2020 is right for you.

How TCEA Helps GT Educators

Teachers who have received the initial 30 hours of training in gifted education are required to receive six (6) hours of training yearly to maintain their eligibility to teach GT. Technology is a major component of the education of gifted and talented learners, and TCEA has identified sessions at our annual convention that are targeted for GT teachers and meet the six-hour requirement. 

Below are a sampling of the sessions that have been identified for GT teachers. You can view the full session list, and search by topic and audience, here.

  • Student Choice and Voice for the GT Student
  • Gifted and Talented Showcase with Makerspace Creations
  • Poster Sessions: Special Populations (SPED, ESL/ELL, GT)
  • A More Perfect Union: American History, Silent Sustained Reading, and Blended Learning
  • Growing the Workforce of Tomorrow: Business Plans, Shark Tank Survival, and Entrepreneurial Thinking
  • The GT Student Today
  • Fostering Student Agency with Flipgrid, ScreenCastify, and Twisted Wave
  • Whisper Courses: Micro-Learning Opportunities for Differentiation, Extension, and Management
  • Digital Choice Boards for the Win!
  • The Board Game Design Project, The Ultimate Interdisciplinary Project
  • Blended Learning/Personalized Learning/Student Voice, Now What?
  • Solution Circles: The GT Student Today

Intrigued? Find the professional learning you need — and much, much more — at TCEA 2020.

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