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Dotstorming: Brainstorming on Steroids

by Lori Gracey

If you want your class to brainstorm ideas for their next project and then vote on the best ones or have the faculty decide how to increase reading on the campus or get your relatives to decide on a location for the next reunion, then Dotstorming is for you. Dotstorming is a Web 2.0 tool that lets people brainstorm ideas and then vote on them, quickly and easily. And it’s free.

How Dotstorming Works

Create an account with just your email address and you’re ready to begin. You’re given a blank Dotstorming board. Add your topic or question and then invite participants to join in. They can post ideas, links, graphics, text, and more. Once the brainstorming process is over, set the number of votes that each participant will have (up to 10) and ask them to vote. It’s just that simple.


Dotstorming New Features

In April 2017, Dotstorming added some new features. You can now choose to clear a board of all votes and comments. This would be great for having the same poll for a number of different classes to take or if you wanted to poll a group at the beginning of a discussion and then again at the end to see if their opinions changes.

Another new feature added is an easier way to put images into a Dotstorming poll. While you could add images before, the new process allows you to simply past the URL for an image and the image will appear.

Similar to Padlet but with more features, Dotstorming should definitely have a place in your toolbelt. Not only is it great for brainstorming ideas, it’s a wonderful way to post discussion questions, math problems with several correct and incorrect solutions, and anything you want students to discuss as it includes a chat box. It works on any device and can be used by even very young students. Take a look at it today!

This blog was updated with new content on April 19, 2017.


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