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Big News: More Incredible TCEA 2022 Thought Leaders Added!

by Emily Horn

So last week, we heard from our Director of Events, Meaghan Rhames, about Captivating Thought Leaders You Don’t Want to Miss. And this week, I’m super happy to introduce you to even more Thought Leaders who’ll be sharing their expertise at the 2022 TCEA Convention & Exposition! I’m not kidding. These speakers aren’t just leaders in the field, but they are genuinely incredible human beings. I’ve been interacting with them to schedule some interviews, which you’ll have access to a bit later, and every single interaction has been an absolute pleasure. I’m pumped to hear them speak. Here we go!

Dr. Desiree Alexander

If you’ve heard Dr. Alexander speak before, you know how impressive she is. Not only is she a recipient of numerous awards, but she has also earned so many certifications. She is lifetime certified in Louisiana in Secondary English Education and as a Reading Specialist, a School Librarian, Educational Technology Facilitator, Educational Technology Leader, and Educational Leadership. She also has multiple technology certifications and content area certifications. With her experience and expertise, any educator will get something from attending her sessions! Take a look at her website for even more information, including resources on equity, diversity, and inclusion.

Follow her on Twitter (@educatoralex), and subscribing to her YouTube channel is an absolute MUST with so many fantastic five-minute tips. Here is just a taste:

Andre Daughty

I can’t tell you how excited I am to meet Andre. I mean, after watching this video, who wouldn’t be?

Andre’s YouTube channel is another must-subscribe channel. I mean, if you need to “Laugh a Lil,” it’s the place to be! I also recommend following him on Twitter (@AndreDaughty) to build your excitement about his sessions. Andre is passionate about creating school culture, understanding at-risk students, and setting high standards of excellence in the classroom. He is hilarious, engaging, knowledgeable, and practical, bringing his nearly 20 years of experience as an elementary, secondary, and graduate-level teacher to the table.

Leslie Fisher

Who doesn’t love Leslie Fisher? If you know her story, you know that she was a part of Apple’s massive layoff in 1997, and this, in a nutshell, led her to start her own company, Fisher Technologies. At Apple, she worked closely with K-12 educators, and she kept that focus when starting her own company. She is so knowledgeable about so many things. Any session she leads will be one million percent worth your time. To get a feel for how lovely and engaging she is, check out this webinar she did on integrating Kahoot! and Microsoft Teams:

Follow Leslie on Twitter (@lesliefisher) and get pumped about seeing her at TCEA 2022!

Shannon McClintock Miller

What can I say about Shannon? She’s incredible. She is an award-winning K-12 district teacher/librarian and innovation director. If you’re interested in Future Ready, librarianship, advocacy, technology, and more, you’ll want to attend her sessions. She has a great blog, The Library Voice, that offers up monthly choice boards with tons of ideas, among other things. And she’s the author of four picture books, eight graphic novels, one professional book, and has contributed to others! Follow her on Twitter and Instagram (@shannonmmiller) to start connecting with her content. Find her fa-boo-lous October Choice Boards here.

Thomas Murray

Tom is an award-winning leader who is currently the Director of Innovation for Future Ready Schools®, an Alliance for Excellent Education project. He has worked with Congress and the Department of Education in partnership with corporations, state-level departments of education, and school districts to make sure that learning is student-centered. Tom has taught in elementary and middle schools and has experience as a principal and in district-level leadership. He’s done it all. Did I mention that he’s also an author and co-author? Take a look at his Leadership Minute YouTube series, which he uses to amplify the voices of educators across the country. Pretty amazing! Here’s a sample:

You can connect with Thomas Murray on Twitter (@thomasmurray) to see what he’s all about.

Ken Shelton

Ken is another award-winning educator who is back again for TCEA 2022. He has been named by EdTech Magazine as an influencer to follow. He is passionate about equity, diversity, and inclusion and anti-bias/anti-racism, cultural intelligence, ed tech, and more. With more than 20 years of experience as an educator and his depth of involvement in the ed tech community, you will leave his sessions with knowledge and excitement. We are so glad to have him back this year! Take a look at Ken explaining how we can “make students future ready” in a TEDx Talk:

Find Ken on Twitter (@k_shelton) and get excited about this year’s sessions!

Stay Tuned for Our Closing Keynote

At the start of October, we revealed our TCEA 2022 opening keynote, Cynt Marshall, and on November 1, we will make a big announcement about our phenomenal closing keynote speaker. So be on the lookout! If you’ve not yet registered, don’t forget to register today because rates will increase on November 20! See you soon at TCEA 2022.

This post was updated with additional resources on December 2, 2021.

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